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Something that I notice has been extremely popular in recent years is this very hyped yet shallow form of worship. What really stands out to me is how we see so many thousands literally jumping around, clapping and raising their hands to God claiming that they are so in love with Him. Yet, how many of these spend hours in prayer? and how many read his word daily?
The fact is, is that we cannot be in love with someone we do not know and many of these folk who claim to be so in love with the Lord I think are very decieved since clearly they do not know Him. How can they know God when they will never spend time alone with him?
I also agree with what adamdawkins said regarding messages sounding as though it is from a motivational speaker and sadly I notice that John and Lisa Bevere seem as though they may be heading down a similar route. I went on to the website recently and noticed that many of the podcasts seem to be about 'managing emotions' or 'making a difference in the community'.

Darren Broadhurst

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It's interesting with the worship. I went a music festival (rightly or wrongly!) earlier in the year, and everyone around had hands in the air, eyes closed at times - everything.

At football matches (soccer ;)) in this country, often songs are sung passionately with hands in the air.

I wonder if there's an element of worship in these acts - or if there's an element of worldliness in our worship, especially the stuff that's been modeled on the world.

I felt like I'd not really sourced a lot of what I'd said, other than to conclude things from my experiences, but here it is straight from the Hillsong UK website:

"To reach and influence the world by building a large bible based church, changing mindsets and empowering people to lead and impact every sphere of life."

It's subtle - but I'm sure that's just not right.


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I say this in all brokeness. We as men and women of God have to be sober our fight is not with flesh and blood. I say this because there is a spirit that influences this world called the spirit of antichrist wanting to not only be against christ but take his place in our lives sadly this spirit is eating its way into the church. It seems like even some of the ministers today are watering down the true Gospel and making it a social gospel, a man centered gospel,preaching another Jesus who is savior but not Lord. It makes no waves and it is acceptable to the world and stokes the fires of their sin and makes them feel Good inside giving them the best life now for the worst eternity later. The element of christ ministry called the cross is all but forgotten. And sad to say its not just in WOF but in other denominations or sects as well. It just seems some guy start off preaching The fear of the lord, the cross, Holiness and bam they fall into this trap to perform the crowd says perform, dance for me, make me feel Good" sad to say having preached in a WOF church and other denominational churches on topics such as Hell,eternity, the cross man you are mauled coming out of some churches at one place I did not even get any handshakes they were like just leave( basiclly you’re a poor performer) it was sad. well that same spirit to perform trys to latch itself to the minister its soul power at its best I feel and I could be wrong that this is what Mr Bevere and other ministers have been confronted with. We have to be alert to what this antichirst spirit is doing it wants us to preach another gospel it wants us to sing not to the praise of God but for the Glory and satisfaction of man. In my opinion I think that is what is happening accross the board in the world of the church. Also we have the wheat mixed with the tares and the good fish in the same net as the bad fish however. The lord will take out the bad fish and the tares and perform his revival his way remember he is sovereign and will have his way in the whirlwind. Be blessed brothers


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You are exactly right and this is what many here on this website complain of. There is no real teaching, we search for it and cannot find it near our homes. We look for the meat, the truth of the gospel and find it in the mouths of those in far-away countries. The internet brings this reality into our homes.

I also read about many taking the platform of coming out of the churches that are 'in this power' that you are taking about. I have not been convinced of that way yet. Although I want to run away from where I am, God has me there for a purpose. It is hard to not get swept in with 'man-pleasing' etc...but, the Lord is able to keep all who are His. This situation actually provokes me and confirms the constraint in Christ.


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