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 Foolish/Wise Virgins and parable of the talents.

Hi, guys. I was reading over these two passages in matthew and trying to make sense of what the oil is. It says the foolish virgins didn't have enough oil to light their lamps so they didn't get to meet the Jesus.

That reminds me of some people who think they will be able to repent at the their death beds and receive justification. While they lived their whole lives in sin knowing the truth...

And the parable of the talents just throws me off too. What are examples of talents God would give us to multiply in our day?


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 Re: Foolish/Wise Virgins and parable of the talents.

Hi Robin,

Concerning the Ten Virgins, through my study I've come to see that the focus of the parable is actually not on the oil itself, per se, but on the result OF the oil, and WHY they needed it. The point is that darkness was coming, and they needed the oil FOR THE LAMP so that it would produce LIGHT for them to see and navigate through the darkness to the bridegroom. I believe the oil represents the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit produces understanding (light). All the virgins were waiting for the bridegroom, but as the darkness descended upon them, half of them were not prepared and could not withstand the darkness. As the age draws to a close, and the coming of the Lord approaches, the world will grow increasingly dark, and only through the Holy Spirit will those wise virgins have light, vision and understanding to discern the times, and navigate through the darkness of unbelief, sin and deception, to be ready for the Lord's return.

These are some thoughts I've gathered from the parable.

Eli Brayley

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 Re: Foolish/Wise Virgins and parable of the talents.

I agree basically with the perspective offered on the Holy Spirit and the oil.

On the talents, it must be pointed out that the talent here is a monetary coin. Perhaps we could instead say "hundred dollar bill" or something like that. Shifting gears, our talents are one thing God has given us that he wants us to use and increase. Of course, both believers and unbelievers have talents (all given by God, our creator). Believers also have spiritual gifts. God hands us our gifts and talents to use and grow and multiply, just like in the parable. The point is that we need to be faithful with whatever it is that God has given us. Knowledge, relationships, finances, time, skills, spiritual gifts, location, and so on. We need to be faithful to use them all and not just bury them, which is keeping them to ourselves for our own benefit, rather than trading with the "talent" money so it can benefit others (and the master).

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 Re: Foolish/Wise Virgins and parable of the talents.


I believe that the parable of the talents is about the mercy inherit in us by virtue of God's mercy toward us. "He who is forgiven much, loves much", Jesus said.

Jesus said," that unless you forgive those who trespass against you, your heavenly father shall not forgive you."

The sin that God will not cleanse, is the sin that we impute on others by not showing mercy to them, even after we ourselves have done the same and more, having been absolved.

God commands us to Love. It is a requirement, to know Him, and to Please him. In the Kingdom of Heaven, mercy, is united within this energy called God's love, or AGAPE. They are of the same substance. The mercies of the Lord endure forever, along with his Love. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son. We see that love, and the blood sacrifice of the Messiah, the source and root of all mercies forever, go hand in hand.

He expects and demands each of us to respond , in obedience to His compassions, in each situation as we walk with him. One of the favored ones, the wise stewards of mercies, gave, or invested all of his five bundles of mercy he was shown, and the Lord added more to him, as was the case of the man who had two.....but the man who had only one hid his. He refused to give his love and mercy away. He lived for himself. He may have been quite religious, as he stated that he knew the Lord as almighty God, ruling over all, doing His will whenever and wherever.

He was utterly condemned, as the Lord explained His sentiments about his commands to Love one another, and show the light and mercies you have been given,,,,to give them away. You only get to keep what you give away, in His Kingdom. It is the nature of Love.

It is clear that the man who refused this one command was sent to Hell, while his faithful servants, that did show mercy, were rewarded with more Compassion. "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the LIVING GOD.!"

The ten Virgins. The wise had oil. This speaks of the Holy Spirit, in communion with men and women. We must live in a spirit of repentence toward the Lord, along with a spirit of Faith toward him, [that He is merciful and loving, Father.]

I believe also that it is a strong end-times word, applicable today. We all sleep, in a way, and a shout arises...'The bridegroom comes!" It appears to me, that even the world knows these are the last days. Think of 9-11. Wow. As the days grow darker, and they are, those with even minimal wisdom see this. Only faith, real vibrant authentic heart felt and holy faith is going to carry us through, coupled with the grace of God.

This faith, and this only will keep our lamps bright, even in the face of intense persecution and suffering. It is the oil that stokes the flames...that fires the candlestick to see and walk upon our pathway to Heaven. It was amply supplied by the Lord, but He tries us, and the overcoming is to us, by this faith. How did the Bride overcome?

[b]"The blood of the Lamb, the Word of their testimony, and by not loving their own selfish lives, more than Jesus's heart....all the way; even unto Death.[/b]

His mercy, combined with our faith, and OUR DEEDS! This is oil. The foolish virgins...the once saved and zealous Christians...that perhaps bought into a gospel that said it was all about my rights; and of course our prosperity....;happiness, health, and plenty of money and things...mammon. Only repentence and finding God again would restore them again to faith and PRESCENSE! Oh the presence of God!..but it was too late. They ran out of time to repent, and bear the fruit of repentence to God, in a way that He would receive.

This is what we see happening today, this day. Let us hear what the Spirit is saying to all the Churches. Repent unto holiness, whatever it may cost, and believe God, and trust Him as you ever thought you could.......for there is nite coming, and a dark one. He is faithful, and loves us.

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