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I agree with Jeff... that was where I was coming from with Hells Bells too.


 2008/8/6 7:58

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Dallas, Texas


Dear brethren, there's no offense at all. I just wanted to reinforce the original question, which expressed nothing about having the teenager view the documentary. I had to do a double-take when I saw some contrary issues with it (where suddenly the teenager was the focus of attention), and, for my own sake, I went back to re-read the original post.

Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

Paul :-)

Paul Frederick West

 2008/8/6 8:37Profile

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Hey Holly,

Thank you (and the others) for your posts in response to my question. I just wanted to state that, for the record, I totally agree with you.

We actually haven't had TV in our home for around 10 years (other than one small, rabbit-ear-antenna TV in an upstairs bedroom which we use for news and an occassional Braves game - it only gets about 3 channels)

I have been heavily convicted about TV and music since I was a kid. It's just been one of those things I feel that God never would let me do with a clear conscience. (Along with listening to secular music and sending my kids away to school.) I am raising my kids in what most people think is a "weird" environment, not allowing them to be influenced at all by worldy TV shows (even the ones designed "for" kids) or advertising or music. What's funny to me is that I take a beating in terms of how weird or wrong it is to try to shelter them in this way, but those same people will often tell me things like, "Your kids are so good. I've never seen kids with a spirit quite like theirs. They are so happy and have such good attitudes... etc"

Funny how people don't get the CONNECTION between not letting all those influences into their lives and them having the good spirit about them that they have. I see it. I praise God everyday that He has shown me that this simple, innocent-seeming thing (a box in the living room) really does more damage that most people will ever realize. Not only in terms of being a worldly influence, but also in terms of it being a TOTAL distraction... keeping people's minds off of God, off of worship, off of prayer.

(When is the last time anyone switched off a sitcom and found themselves in the mood to pray, for example. Those shows just bog your spirit down with sinful ideas and thoughts and make getting close to God that much more difficult, IMO.)

Anyway, in regards to my nephew... he does not live with me. I don't have authority over him completely. If he was my own child, I would have much more liberty to do the things you have said. It's a unique situation... I'm just thankful that since the family he lives with is not tech-savvy that I am at least in control of the ipod. I have influence in small ways over him, but not enough to incorporate the ideas you have suggested. But I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me.


 2008/8/6 9:05Profile


I got the clear impression that he was living with you. That makes it a bit different. I think the best you can do is pray, live your walk in front of him, and witness the gospel to him.

You must tell him he can not use your computer to download his music no matter what. Hold high the standard of Christ. Also, since it is your house you also reserve to right to tell him that he can not bring his iPod into your home as long as it has that kind of music on it.


 2008/8/6 10:28

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