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Just wondering what anyones thoughts were on who can baptize another believer? I have not come across any type of I missing something? any thoughts?


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 Re: Baptism

These are merely my convictions, but I offer them to you.

Water baptism is an external sign of an inward reality. The person who baptizes is a figure of the Spirit, the true Baptist through whom we die with Christ to the power of sin and are raised again to eternal life. For this reason, the person who baptizes ought to be a professing believer.

If possible, persons who desire baptism ought to receive examination and counsel from a knowledgeable believer or elder, who may better ascertain their understanding of the faith. Phillip went through many scriptures with the Ethiopian and expounded the gospel before asking him, "do you believe these things with all your heart? If so, you may be baptized." No doubt, the Ethiopian had some knowledge of sin, guilt, and judgment; the substitutionary death of Christ, justifying resurrection, and the eternal priesthood of Jesus; of imputed righteousness through faith, and of the life of sanctification. To these he assented.

More emphasis should be placed on the condition of the one being baptized than upon him who baptizes.

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