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 MUST READ : Infallibility in The Bible, But Not in Your Pastor

Infallibility in The Bible, But Not in Your Pastor

Quoting JC Ryle . . .

I do not doubt that the one volume known as The Pilgrim's Progress, written by a man who knew hardly any book but his Bible, and was ignorant of Greek and Latin, will prove in the last day to have done more for the benefit of the world, than all the works of the schoolmen put together. Learning is a gift that ought not to be despised. It is an evil day when books are not valued by the Church. But it is amazing to observe how vast a man's intellectual attainments may be, and yet how little he may know of the grace of God. I have no doubt the Authorities of Oxford in the [18th] century, knew more of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, than Wesley or Whitefield. But they knew little of the Gospel of Christ. Infallibility is not to be found among learned men, but in the Bible. For another thing, let us take care that we do not place implicit confidence on our own minister's opinion, however godly he may be.

Peter was a man of mighty grace, and yet he could err. Your minister may be a man of God indeed, and worthy of all honor for his preaching and example; but do not make a pope of him. Do not place his word side-by-side with the Word of God. Do not spoil him by flattery. Do not let him suppose he can make no mistakes. Do not lean your whole weight on his opinion, or you may find to your cost that he can err.

It is written of Joash, King of Judah, that he "did what was right in the eyes of the LORD all the years of Jehoiada the priest" (2 Chronicles 24:2). Jehoiada died, and then died the religion of Joash. Just so your minister may die, and then your religion may die too. He may change, and your religion may change. He may go away, and your religion may go.

Oh, do not be satisfied with a religion built on man! Do not be content with saying, "I have hope, because my own minister has told me such and such things." Seek to be able to say, "I have hope, because I find it thus and thus written in the Word of God." If your peace is to be solid, you must go yourself to the fountain of all truth. If your comforts are to be lasting, you must visit the well of life yourself, and draw fresh water for your own soul. Ministers may depart from the faith. The visible Church may be broken up. But he who has the Word of God written in his heart, has a foundation beneath his feet which will never fail him. Honor your minister as a faithful ambassador of Christ. Esteem him very highly in love for his work's sake. But never forget that infallibility is not to be found in godly ministers, but in the Bible.

From: The Fallibility of Ministers


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 Re: MUST READ : Infallibility in The Bible, But Not in Your Pastor

wonderful article TJ


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 Re: MUST READ : Infallibility in The Bible, But Not in Your Pastor

Not that we have dominion over your faith, but are fellow workers for your joy: for you stand by your faith.

....2 Corinthians , chapter one, vs 24.

Man is imperfect, and in that sense he is bound to fail you. This is inevitable, if you are around someone long enough. It is like the moon hundredth of an inch on Earth, could be miles off when landing there, and disaster to boot. So, trusting in man may deter you, even a little. Jesus, however is perfect, in His Love, and care for you. He will never fail you. So, it is imperative to learn His ways; to walk by faith.

A true minister will not want you submitted to him; but unto the Lord, so that you can learn to walk by faith all by yourself. This is the ministry of Shepherding. It is the duty of a Pastor, or more Biblically, the Elders in a local assembly. "Until we all come to the unity of the faith, and the knowledge of the Son of God..."...Ephesians 4, vs 13.

It is very easy to live your faith out within the limits of your own mind, and never live the gospel out in the world we live in. It is the error of "I believe", as it pertains to your thought processes, and ideologies you have retained. It is the scourge of Seminaries and Bible insert in our theology that the way we think, and the stands we take, to make sense of it all, and to stand behind, if you will, is the living and doing of the gospel. It is a lie. The Bible does not say, "their doctrines and Christian positions follow after them."...No, but [b]Their deeds follow after them!"[/b].

"Revelation is given, not through our understanding through our mental processes, but through our obedience!"

I think of the reasons[ if you can think that way] of why the Lord chose such common men. The Pharisee's did proclaim it. "...these are but common and unlearned men...How could they know?"..[paraphrased]

I think that men are so dispositioned to pride, and the ways of the world, and our drunk with the poison opiate that inspires them to believe, knowledge is power! is not. Knowledge of the Holy one, is the power of the truth.

So, with this deception in mind, men set off to separate themselves to acquire more, and more knowledge, to move up the spiritual ladder, and some never escape her cruel and lonely embrace. They become theologians. most, live their entire lives caught up in the thinking that I know, therefore I am. They then hide behind those mental shields, and lead there loyal followers where they are already. without faith, but loaded with legalism and religion. Not much life...but a pulpit.

There never was a Pastor in the New Testament...but an equal plurality. This brought safety to the one man shows, that they would not succeed. This will destroy the control, and error that follows the clergy/laity heresy, and that is why it is resisted so violently today. These walls will come down, though.

Nice article, TJ...

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you must visit the well of life yourself, and draw fresh water for your own soul.

Amen, Good post TJ


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