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 Organizational Map of where things are filed?

OK I give up. I saw this link on an SI thread: Lewis Revival – Peckham.

It was a link to a video posted by SI on YouTube. It is cut into pieces on YouTube. I have searched everywhere I know on SI to find the whole message. I found only 2 Colon Peckham messages (Romans, not this) on Audio Sermons, under Other Speakers M-R. The search box at the top of the home page did not reveal the hidden location. What is on YouTube? What is on SI? How do I search?

Video sermons (left hand side) is always changing and never more that one page of sermons. How ever can one find something specific there? :-? I need some over-all Organizational Map of where things are filed, how things are filed. I am very grateful that the sermons are here and that under each person’s name they are pretty much alphabetical so you can jump pages to progress through the alphabet if you have the accurate title. At this point I have to remember threads to get links, in addition to use a word document where I copy/paste links with descriptions.

Now I believe in prayer. I am praying that someone knows the answer to this and will have mercy on me. :-)

[b] Edit in the morning[/b] The announcement when I logged onto SI today, read very slowly, has helped answer this question. We need to pray for coding (God knows everything). Any secrets others have regarding my dificulty, for in the mean time, would be appreciated.

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 Re: Organizational Map of where things are filed?

Hi Joan,

Just go to

In the search box (on youtube) type in:

Peckham sermonindex

That should bring up all seven videos.

Hope this helps :-) .

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 Re:YouTube search box

Thank you very much. It worked :-) and I will try this search box for other speakers and subjects that I recall being on SI.

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