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I think the point of the song is a kind of tongue in cheek way of pointing out the consumer type of Christianity that seeks to sanitize the cross, and minimize what the Scriptures say in order to have a political platform.

If we look at what the news networks portray as Christianity, should we really wonder why people think Christians are "weird", or "judgmental"?

What is the best way to love my neighbor? Would it not be to pour oil on his wounds by telling him that for the sake of Jesus Christ God does not hold his sin against him any longer?

If my neighbor believes, then it is a work of the Spirit not me, and not him.

But if we would move away from moral reform, and into the work of soul reform through the declaration that God made Him to be sin for us, and that by believing we are made the righteousness of God in Him, I believe we would see a shift in morals.

But t-shirts are not the means, nor are pickets, and political lobbying, and I believe that is the point of the song.

patrick heaviside

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Your 'lyrics' came across a little more clear. You make some great points.

(edit: Forgive me, everyone. Lately I've had my fill of 'everything is wrong'. There wasn't anything especially disagreeable in Derek's song...except it's timing for me.)



Mike Compton

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