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I think that in Europe, if you're at mass at all you are assumed Roman Catholic. This is, I believe, how it is down in Mexico and South America, but I'm not positive.

 2008/7/10 0:13Profile


I can only assume that things are a bit different in Europe.

All I can say is... if everyone around the world would do things just like us Americans... the world would be a better place! :-P

(I'm joking! Don't send missiles!)


 2008/7/10 10:08

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Hemel Hempstead


Maybe he wanted to make a pudding or a dessert such as bread and butter pudding!
This shows how crazy Catholics are? They are crackers.
It is quite interesting that you mentioned the Ten Commandments as the Catholics split one of the Commandments and remove thou shalt have no idols before me!

Dominic Shiells

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