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Krispy, I had no idea you had those connections. We need testimonies like yours....badly. I recall reading all about the misconduct but a lot of that stuff gets lost over the years. This stuff is abominable yet there seems to be no consequence. To me his doctrine, or any doctrine of the latter rain and their splinter groups (Joyner) has not changed. If it does change it just keeps getting further and further out there. So many red flags so little discernment. It's hard to watch all the deception. I'm glad you came out of that movement with your discernment intact. Blessings to you!

Yep, I was involved here in Asheville in a church called Mountain Vintage Fellowship (you can google them)... and they are affiliated with Morningstar (Rick Joyner). It was about 8 or 9 yrs ago. Bob Jones came and did a week long conference. I had no idea about his past, and the leadership of that church wasnt about to tell anyone either.

That church got so freaky it was the catalyst that started bringing me out of that whole mess.

My skin crawls every time I hear the name "Bob Jones"... even when I drive thru Greenville SC and pass BJU (no connection).


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Coley and Krispy

I know the process of growth in Christ and that there are many different deceptions (lies believed) that Truth reveals/Light dispels, but this general sort of deception is really quite a bad one to be drawn into (years of recovery, a blow to what was known as “faith”, etc.).

Is there any way that either of you could say simply and clearly what Truth freed you? I hear that it just became so freaky…too much excess to be swallowed. What else could it be helpful to persist in pointing out? I am thinking of Rev. 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Was there a death of self? A Word of God? that settled the issue?

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"I do want to set forth some concerns just here about these matters as we seem to have been somewhat inundated with a whole force of argument over them lately.

Baby and the bath water

Probably the greatest of all strife and confusion right here. There is an adamancy towards being truthful and factual that will not waver in these discussions throughout this forum. It is not up for discussion or challenge as to holding each other accountable. Just here is where many things get well off track and presumptions displace concern, even motivation.

What we have seen too often is rebelling against the test of authenticity due to an assumption that by doing so then casts all things associated into negative light, hence the baby and the bath water.

It is both useless and foolish to carry this approach about us any longer. We have often gone around in circles wasting everyones energies in the process trying to explain just 'what we do not mean'.

There are well intentioned people, saints even that do get things flatly wrong. That does not make them anything other than incorrect, though in some cases there is also a pragmatism that can chisel away at the credibility if not out right demolish the whole structure.

The point?

Get your facts straight. If you cannot and feel that you must present a possibility, an opinion, an observation, just be sure to call it that and leave off the injurious and accusatory towards those who are calling all things into question as to their factuality, their authenticity."

taken from [url=]Testing all things on Sermonindex[/url]

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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