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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : he evidence believers give, that Christ is precious to them ~ Fawcett

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 he evidence believers give, that Christ is precious to them ~ Fawcett

[url=]The evidence believers give, that Christ is precious to them:[/url]

1. They trust their everlasting concerns in his hands

2. They delight to think of him, to hear of him, and to speak of him

3. They are grateful for the benefits they receive from him

4. They prefer him to every other object, and give him the chief place in their affections

5. They sincerely desire his presence, and long to enjoy intimate communion with him

6. They are concerned that others may know and love him

7. They are grieved when he is dishonored

8. They are ready to deny themselves for him

9. They are distressed by their lack of conformity to his blessed image and holy will

10. They adhere to him in all conditions

11. They are concerned to make his glory the chief end of their actions

12. They long to be with him forever

-John Fawcett

 2008/7/4 12:52

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 Re: he evidence believers give, that Christ is precious to them ~ Fawcett

Sister, I followed this link to it’s source and have only just begun to read through it, but found this and had to post it regarding #2:

“That one who loves Jesus delights to hear of him, and to converse about him—cannot be doubted, since every man is best pleased with that conversation in which the object of his dearest affections is the principal theme. It is on this account, that the gospel is a joyful sound to him who believes—because it sets forth Christ in his glory! No sermons are so precious and so animating to him—as those in which the Redeemer's excellencies are most fully displayed. It is then that the Christian says, "I sit under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit is sweet unto my taste!" A sermon which is not enlivened with the honeyed name of Jesus, in which there is nothing of his atonement for sin, of his matchless love, and saving power—is heard with coolness and indifference; while the doctrine of the cross is as life from the dead!”

I look forward to reading the rest of it. Thank you for posting this. God bless you sister.



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