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Yea, I would say unto thee... "Are you ready?.. Are you prepared?"

Were there not ten virgins? All had expectation... all appeared the same: yet,
when that cry came forth ony five were prepared to take their positions to participate in the activities at hand. Five were not.

BE NOT UNPREPARED... as those who hear my word and obey not. They shrug it off... delaying obedience and in so doing have become "dull of hearing". They are drawn away...
for their hearts are turned away.

BE PREPARED... as one who lays his heart on the altar in order to obey Me.. and in so
doing has come to know Me... discerning my voice above all others.

I would say unto thee... Be watchful!... for a great whirlwind approaches. The
power of it is mighty to destroy and cause great confusion... for it is a whirlwind of
deception. Yea,... but even in the midst of such turmoil, there is a cry rising up
from the face of the earth... and I hear that cry and intend to answer that cry.
Yea, I would answer that cry through my people... I would answer that cry
through you!... for I am the God that so loved the world.

Yea, I would say unto thee...Draw nigh unto Me... move in close and feel my heartbeat...
move in close and allow your heartbeat to coincide with mine, and as you do... you will see
what I see... you will hear what I hear and be moved with my compassion.

Set your love upon Me... and as you seek and obey Me... I SHALL BE YOUR PREPARATION!...
and you need not fear... for it is written, "The Lord hath his way in the whirlwind"...
and though there be darkness... My LIGHT shall be made manifest... and there shall be REJOICING!!!!

I would say unto thee... BE READY!!!!

L.L. Meyers ... Church of the Living God


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