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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Oh the boundless POWER of THE LIVING GOD!!

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 Oh the boundless POWER of THE LIVING GOD!!

ROMANS 16:20

To say that I am not in the centre of a season of Grace would defy logic.
I was productive for the KINGDOM of JESUS, having the privilage of leading many to the cross towards the end of last year and saw the WORD OF GOD, through scripture, cut through sin and disbelief in such an awe-inspiring and unforgetable manner.
Isaiah 60 'The acceptable year of the LORDS favour., This was the main thrust of myself and my friends witness for JESUS. We were bold enough and confident enough to announce 2008 as the year of the LORDS favour and this was like a clarion call to many lost and desperate people.
What is wonderful today is that those who came to claim CHRIST as SAVIOUR, LORD AND KING, at the tail end of 2007, are still going strong in faith and seem to be the focus of accelerated Spiritual growth and understanding. GLORY TO GOD!!
I was just talking to one 40 year old ex addict/prisoner, whom having accepted CHRIST as LORD in December 07, is completely free of the obssession to use drugs!! GLORY!
This man also expressed in his testamony a gratitude and closeness to JESUS that had me feeling deeply touched by THE HOLY SPIRIT. His family have had the locust eaten years, restored to them and the devourer has truly been rebuked!
Also here in Lancashire, England, the "LORD GOD WHO HEALETH" has upon confession of drug abuse with unclean injecting practices and sexual promiscuity, healed many of HepatitisC, with doctors and family members and even nonbelivers impressed and rejoicing! SUCH LOVE!!
So indeed, today, here in my district, where sin and despair lash the backs of the world worn, THERE IS VICTORY. And the "GOD OF PEACE" is crushing satan under our feet. The Gospel advances and local churches report congregation increase in all denominations.
Who can not exite at the POWER of GOD?
Ha Ha.., Oh bless the precious NAME OF JESUS!

As i write this, I pray that someone will be encouraged by my words and maybe even be blessed to feel in some measure the happiness and assurance that I am feeling today.
Please reply and share what our KING is doing in your world today.
Until then; May HE, who from everlasting to everlasting, is the source of all Salvation and Joy, reveal HIS wonderful nature as FATHER, FRIEND and KING to you this day, through the name and for the sake of JESUS the LORD, amen.

James Bartholemew-Robins

 2008/7/4 6:15Profile

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