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 God and gas prices

I shared these thoughts with a friend not long ago and he seemed to appreciate them. So I pass them along just for what they are worth. They are just some thoughts that seem relevant maybe from the divine standpoint.

But I've been thinking lately about this country America and the gas price crisis. I don't think prophecy is to be understood by headlines in the paper but vice versa. Prophecy rather makes one able to perhaps see some significance in world events and headlines in the paper. But I was wondering how would the Lord actually begin to get the attention of a country and people. It seems He has to strike at cherished things that are so much a part of one's life that they are hardly a conscious thought any more but are still presumptive on our part and which chip away at proper dependence and faith. If the Lord is sovereign, which we know He is, than are we to complain because of the natural things and inconveniences we see and suffer or are we to try and see things in another theater and on another screen besides the natural? People's pocket books and their ability to drive about every day are being touched. These are basic and foundational things we hardly even consciously think about. Especially the ability to drive about. Are these perhaps the beginnings of a divine chastisement, hitting just the right cherished and presumptive areas of people's lives, that will only increase? I find myself mad and disgusted with our elected represenatives for letting this energy crisis happen but am I watching the right screen in the right theater when I do this?

I was thinking along these lines and saw former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N Bolton on television a few nights ago. He was basically ran out of his job for being too much of a realist but he thinks Israel will attack Iran's nuclear reactors before the year is out and perhaps before the presidential election in November. Most analysts believe this would spark a wider conflict but would also be likely to send gas prices higher - $7, $8, or maybe $9 a gallon. And we would have Israel to thank! I really don't know if this will happen but just considering the scenario made me think of how Israel is almost certainly destined to become an ever growing and compelling offense to the nations. If not raids against Iran and gas prices then certainly something else from Israel will cause antagonism against them to increase. But as Christians which theater will we be watching? The divine theater or the theater of the natural? If Israel were to strike Iran and gas prices go higher how would Christians loyal to Israel up to this point react? I don't know what will happen. And I'm not trying to be a speculative headline watcher although it's growing harder not to. But there seems to be conflict ahead and Israel will be in the mix and I wonder which theater we will watch whether it be higher gas prices or whatever it may be. I'm well aware I've painted somewhat of a speculative scenario here concerning Israel and Iran but in spite of the gas price issue we can still keep our bearings I think if we keep watching the right screen in the right theater. The prophets and Jesus Himself have helped provide for us the overall correct scenario as to how to at least try and understand and interpret and react to events in these days. "So we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention, as to [i][b]a lamp shining in a dark place...[/b][/i]" (II Peter 1:19) In spite of the confusion and darkness we can keep our bearings as Christians. Lamps in those days, as well as the prophetic scriptures, did not shine so as to illumine every detail of the landscape in minute detail but rather gave enough light to help guide a person in their next few steps. They have and can though help guide our steps and keep us watching the right theater. Watching the theater of the natural is not going to be sufficent.


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