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 Kingdom Age Transition - Clay Sikes

Kingdom Age Transition

By Clay Sikes

As we enter into this next era with God, the Kingdom Age, we will begin to notice many new characteristics of God’s people. In fact, the greatest characteristic will be ‘the character’ of the men and women leading this new era (Kingdom Age). You will know them by their fruit. First and foremost, Kingdom Age leaders will have their own money bag; they will be self sufficient and will never fleece the sheep with money generating tactics. They will abhor terms like ‘love offering.’ They will not impose the legal ritual of tithing upon anyone. They will offer much of what they have in terms of ministry items; CDs, tapes, teachings, etc., free, and be a blessing to those around them. With some exceptions, the ministry will not serve as their primary source of income. They will always look to God for their provision, and will never look to man or the tired worn out exploitive systems that have been used to exploit the Body financially. If they take an offering, it will be to bless the poorest in the meeting.

These men and women are emerging today, without motive or ambition, except obedience to the Father. A true characteristic of many of today’s ‘Church Age’ ministries is rooted in personal ambition; men and women who want to be known. The World’s System applauds this behavior, which so subtly corrupts what we have traditionally called ‘The Church.’ I know lost ambitious men in corporate America today, who are less ambitious than many ministers and ministries I know. This should not be, and is about to change as the Kingdom Age makes its presence known. Kingdom Age ministers do not seek to be known; in fact, they prefer to be unknown. They do not seek to share God’s glory, and any situation that puts them in position to do so is avoided at all cost. They will duck and run when man starts heaping his glory upon them. In contrast to their Church Age counterparts, there is a deeply rooted humility that has come through much tribulation; a characteristic that can only gain its identity through fire and affliction. The leaders of this new era know something about adversity. They have faced death and ruin on many occasions; dealt with physical, emotional, and spiritual pain – they have died, yet live, but now ONLY for His purpose.

Kingdom Age leaders are not ‘loud mouth know it alls,’ spewing scripture with every breath who ‘act’ with a practiced and contrived stage presence to invoke emotional response. They have utter distain for the ‘big me, little you/clergy, laymen divide that flows from most pulpits and TV preachers today. They are quiet, and only speak when God gives them something to say; but when they speak…Oh God! Listen, those who have ears to hear, you will hear from the throne room of God. Are these men and women perfect? Anything but, their weak flesh keeps them bound to the Father.

The Kingdom Age in which we are entering is a time of supernatural exploits. God is revealing himself through His dead vessels that are alive in Him. As healing was a major characteristic of the Church Age, Power and Authority will be a characteristic of the Kingdom Age – an Age that will ‘prepare the way.’ God is birthing something completely new; His fire is falling, but we must be careful to recognize the form in which it is falling. An evangelist would suppose it to be revival; a teacher would call it more word, an apostle, more churches, a prophet, more insight, a preacher, more people. Perhaps some of all of this is true; but the context of fire, from my humble depths, is greater authority and power to carry out His Will upon the earth. Test this by your Spirit! Always test any prophetic words you hear, read, or touch.

I will be writing much more on this subject in the future. I am full, and want to let it out.

In Him,

Clay Sikes
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