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 Is God doing anything today?

I'm a new member, but I have been reading these forums for some time. I notice there are a lot of messages criticizing Lakeland, FL & other churches/groups.

But what I want to know is, "Is God doing anything today?"

I mean, it is easy to criticize others. But I don't see much in these forums testifying to the "true" works of God.

So again, "Is God doing anything today? Or is it just the devil doing ‘false’ works?"


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 Re: Is God doing anything today?

God is continually doing great things! - just not everyone can see . . .

Welcome to the forums!

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So again, "Is God doing anything today? Or is it just the devil doing ‘false’ works?"

Yes. God is working in true revival in many places in the world but not in North America. There has been genuine revival in South Africa in a local place for over 25 years:

I am visiting this place in 2 months. Here is a very moving video of the revival:

[b]When God Comes Down (video) by Erlo Stegen[/b]

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Yes, that is an excellent video by Erlo Stegen! Oh that God would capture our hearts as He has this man - that through us He would capture the hearts of His people.

Forgive me for my flippant answer :-(

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 Re: Is God doing anything today?


LoveGodsWay wrote:

But what I want to know is, "Is God doing anything today?"

Welcome to SI! Your user name is a refreshing reminder for all of us to love God's way and not the world. :-)

Your question brings a smile to my face, because God is most certainly working! And if we could only see everything from His perspective and viewpoint we would be staggered at His wisdom and power.

God has different ways of working and I think you would agree with that. You mentioned the Lakeland 'revival' and you must be referring to a stirring work of God in reviving and changing lives in a dramatic way on a large scale. And God is doing that in different countries like South Africa, China and India also I believe.

But I see God doing a different type of work in North America. It's more under the surface but there has been a definite working of God in drawing His people to the uncompromising truth of His Word. Consider Sermonindex...before I joined SI, I wondered if God was working in other parts of the country. But then I started meeting different pockets of believers from all over the world and I have been so amazed at what God is doing amongst His church. The earnestness and zeal for God and His Word amongst some I know has been a great encouragement to me that God is indeed working. And SI is only the beginning of where God is working. I could start sharing names and ministries that God is using in a great way for His glory...and I'm sure He is doing much more that we don't even know about!

Do I long to see God do more? Absolutely. There is desperate need for a work of genuine Biblical revival in the Body of Christ. And I have confidence that as God leads and burdens His people to pray, He will answer and do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or even think! But we mustn't limit Him to [i]how[/i] He does that work. :)

We just have to keep our eyes on God, pray and trust Him to do what will bring the most glory to His Name! He [i]will[/i] be glorified in the end!

May the Lord bless your time here on the forums! There is a vast spiritual wealth to be found on here...just start listening to Leonard Ravenhill, Paris Reidhead, Keith Daniel, Gerhard Du Toit, and the list goes on!


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