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 Re: thank you


(BTW, I love your name - I have a sister who we call Ruthie!)

I am 61 YO and in my time I seen great apostasy. My generation had the best in Sunday Schools, parochial schools, Bible Schools Colleges BUT many have apostatized. The speed at which this occurred was slowly, gradual. However, what we are seeing in recent times is very different. It is as though people are in a hurry to apostatize as quickly, as fast as they can - like as though they can't do it quick enough. And what people are doing defies common sense, they have deserted Biblical directives, suggesting they know better....

Ruthie, I encourage to be diligent and not allow sensationalism to override the whole counsel of God. The devil is working hard to deceive the very Elect and it appears he is enjoying a measure of success - at least it appears this way. (Now a Calvinist would debate this statement saying they weren't saved to begin with! Maybe so...) Stay close to the LORD - allow Him to be your authority - and then you will not have to deal with deception at the personal level.

God bless you, my dear.


Sandra Miller

 2008/7/3 15:15Profile

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