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 Pastoral Recommendations!..

If you are a pastor of a church or run an ministry it would be great for you to write a recommendation of this ministry, you can email it to: [email][/email] or just post it in this thread, thank you for the time spent in reading these recommendations.


My name is Derek Melton and I am the Pastor of Pryor Creek Community Church & Pryor On Fire Teen Ministries located in Pryor, Oklahoma. I was sent the link to Sermon Index by a friend last year and I have been so blessed by this ministry that it is almost indescribable. The messages found on this site are some of the most powerful messages preached in the last century by men of God that had wrestled with God and came away with a blessing. The fruit of their labors are available to sweeten the hearts of all who take time to digest them. As a pastor it seems that I am constantly pouring out to the people that God has entrusted to our ministry and it is extremely taxing. But through sermon index I am enabled to stir my own heart by listening to the Word of God powerfully preached by God's generals and every time I am resurrected by the anointing that pours forth from them. In this modern age, humanistic doctrine has swept through the church as the death angel swept through Egypt. Unadulterated truths seem to be as diamonds - they must be attained through diligent search, digging through mounds of dirt to find one small nugget. Sermon index has proven itself to me to be a diamond mine of Truth. I greatly encourage every Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher and Apostle to throw up a tent and spend some quality time on the banks of this life-giving river! I bless the day I was enabled to draw from these wells!

Thank-you Sermon Index,

Pastor Derek Melton
Pryor Creek Community Church
Pryor ON Fire Teen Ministries

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