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 Gospel Encounter

For anyone that doesn't know me, about three years ago I was on Sermon Index all the time. I was a regular debater of doctrine, poster of progress, and reporter of regular attempts to preach the gospel to strangers.

Well, long story short, I realized a lack in my ministry, and began to pray for the fire of God. He answered. I have been much more aggressive in focusing on my prayer life, and maintaining Scripture study, focusing on being Christ to my wife and family, as well as working towards a Bible degree. However, my evangelization became almost non-existant. I still handed out tracts here and there, but by evangelization I mean approaching strangers.

I have desired God's will in my evangelization, and have desired for quite some time to have what Ozwald Chambers referred to as "permission" from God to witness to someone. I have felt God's hand in my life before, but I have desired a really clear, open, obvious door, whenever I am in the right situation. I have often thought how many times that Christ did not address crowds and people because it was not the Father's will. But when it was the right time and place, Jesus was obediant even to the cross.

Well, today, I was at a Greyhound station to ship something, and waited and waited for someone to come to the window. After a few moments a young Mexican guy came up to me and asked if he could use my phone, to which I let him. I suddenly felt God's gentle nudge.

I waited until he got off the phone and noticed that still no one had come to the window yet, and we were alone in the room, besides my daughter who was with me. So I asked him his was Emmanuel. Talk about getting confirmation. I went on to ask him about Christ, then gave a short tetimony of what God had done in my life, explaining that I thought I was "saved" for most of my life, until I truly repented and made Christ the focus of my life.

He was very nice, and unlike almost every time I remember witnessing before, I was not nervous; at all. Afterward, he said, "God bless you," while I was on the way out the door. I hope sincerely that God will continue to open doors so that I witness to the right people at the right time; or in other words, when and where it is the will of the Father.

Just thought that this might encourage some one.

God bless

Hal Bachman

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 Re: Gospel Encounter

When you get a sense of the importance and meaning
of Christ's mission; it will change your life
completely and forever! Just ask Paul!!


Martin G. Smith

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