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 Our posts are on the internet for life!


I ran across this statement on another discussion forum but believe its a great truth we must consider: [b]"Our posts are on the internet for life!"[/b]

May I add that our posts are being read by people from over 215 countries in the world and 1000's of unique visitors everyday. What a solemn thought that [b]all[/b] of our words will be brought into judgement and tested.

I encourage those that haven't to review these forum topics:

[b]Some notations regarding "This Forum"[/b]

[b]MUST READ: SermonIndex Forum Disclaimer / Community Rules[/b]

[b]MUST READ: How to make the most out of SermonIndex (SI)[/b]

[b]A Word To End all Strife and Divisiveness on SI Forums[/b]

[b]Testing all things on SermonIndex[/b]

"The world is watching."

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Our posts are on the internet for life!


Something to think and RE-think about before our fingers do the walking ahead of our spirit.
Thanks, Greg.

Kenneth Roy Love

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 Re: Our posts are on the internet for life!

Yes, the eternity perspective and God.

I had already made a mental note to review these rules regularly after a second reading gave me comfort. As I think about the points you make, two things come to mind that might help us.

[u]Bumping this thread periodically[/u] (monthly?), so it’s spirit saturates us. There will always be new members and continued growth in Christ for all.

[u]Devising a way for the acknowledgement[/u] of sin, misunderstanding, and reconciliation, that might occur pages later in a thread, [u]to appear nearer to the offence[/u]. Maybe an added symbol for “latter regretted, see above”. That way, readers who are new to SI would not be discouraged before coming to the acknowledgement. I take it that most here understand the danger of “picking up the offense of another.” Those with a gift of mercy are vulnerable to this. That often seems to me to be a rare but unprofitable source of a “pile on”. There is a testimony here. Reconciliation is a Glory to God to behold.

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