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 114 days until the Lilburn, GA, USA Revival Conference

114 days until the Lilburn, GA, USA Revival Conference

Prayer holds a high place among the exercises of a spiritual life. Robert Murray McCheyne said, "A great part of my time is spent in getting my heart in tune for prayer. Prayer is the link that connects earth with heaven."

It may be said that there are nine elements which are essential to true prayer. The first is adoration; we cannot meet God on a level at the start. We must approach Him as the One far beyond our reach or sight. The next is confession; sin must be put out of the way. We cannot have any communion with God while there is any transgression between us. If there stands some wrong you have done a man, you cannot expect that man’s favor until you go to him and confess the fault.

Restitution is another; we have to make good the wrong wherever possible. Thanksgiving is the next; we must be thankful for what God has done for us already. Then come forgiveness and unity. There must also be faith in order for prayers to produce answers.

Thus influenced, we shall be ready to offer direct petition. We hear a good deal of praying that is just exhorting, and if you did not see the man’s eyes closed, you would suppose he was preaching. Then much that is called prayer is simply finding fault. There needs to be more petition in our prayers. After all these, there must come submission. While praying, we must be ready to accept the will of God. If we meet these conditions, we can be certain of our receiving answers to prayer. -D.L. Moody


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