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 Stone-Campbell/Restoration movement

In case the first one looks confusing, this was from an era when if scripture said one thing and a creed another they would go with the creed. The creeds also consisted of church practice and a whole lot of uncessary stuff. It basically means no ruling creed.

No creed but Christ,
No book but the Bible,
No name but the divine.

In essentials, unity;
In non-essentials, liberty;
In all things, love.

Where the Scriptures speak, we speak.
Where the Scriptures are silent, we are silent.

Not the only Christians, but Christians only.

Well they sort of got off of the tracks there over the years, but I think that they had something quite amazing going on. I am going to join this stumbling movement and see if maybe by the end of my life it is heading in the right direction again. I would say though that the independant churches that came out of it are an interesting phenomenon. To have such unity, with no denomination. The sad part is they have unity with each other and scarcely any with any denominations. When I found out about this movement through my school, I realized that the restoration of the church that I was envisioning, was the desire of the founders of this movement. I have decided to join this movement to see about picking up where it has stagnated and left off, and restoring some of the principles that it has forgotten. It got quite a few right, and created the the first widespread non-denominational churches.

All to and for Him

John C. Kelly

John C. Kelly

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 Re: Stone-Campbell/Restoration movement

Brother John thats very interesting you mention about this movement. I have recently been adding some materials from this movements, different speakers in the articles section. I believe this is the same movement... it came out of the Cane Ridge Revival? They would just end up calling themselves "Christian" As you said there seems to be much good in it especially in the early days of the movement.

EDIT: Here is an article I just got up on SermonIndex from J.J. Haley: [url=]Origin of the Restoration Movement[/url].

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One and the same. Yea, I go to a school that has its roots in the restoration movement. The movement has really lost a lot of their original ideals, but they are still there too. They still go by the name "Christian", but they always mean "christians of the restoration movement". My school affiliates itself with the independant christian churches, which are by far the most near the truth. Not my school, but the churches however tend to fall in the area of the some follow apollos, some paul, and some say "I follow Christ" Christ is never divided. They are using the name of Christian at the moment to divide themselves from the christian community which defeats the purpose. The independant churches work with the churches that go by the name "Church of Christ" although the "Church of Christ" has little respect as a whole for the independant churches. Then there are the Disciples of Christ, they really blew it.. they formed a denomination and for the most part no longer believe in the authority of scripture or the ressurection. Contend for the faith or the enemy will snatch it away I guess.

All to and for Him,

John C. Kelly

John C. Kelly

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