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 157 days until the Greenock, Scotland Revival Conference

157 days until the Greenock, Scotland Revival Conference

I am not now speaking about conscience. There is a distinction between the deep inward conviction of the Holy Spirit in your conscience, saying, “You know you are wrong” and the “nagging whisperings of the enemy.”

Then these wicked, accusing spirits accuse others to you, and comments about others are going on continually in your mind. They do not come from your heart, nor from your will. Who but these same evil spirits make ceaseless comments to you upon everybody you meet? And you take them in and listen to their whispers.

It was neither you, nor the Holy Spirit who suggested to you that unkind thought about your friend. Then where did the whisper come from? Wicked spirits. Ah, they are doing this wicked work in the Church and paralyzing God’s children with persistent accusations about themselves, and doing the same thing about their fellow workers in the Mission, and God’s people everywhere.

Now what are you to do? First, recognize him, that is, Satan working through his evil spirits. Secondly, on the ground of the Blood of the Lamb you say to the accuser, “You are conquered.” Thirdly, you give the “word of your testimony,” and testify to the Victory of Christ, and say to the conquered enemy, “I choose to refuse your lies about myself, or others.”

The Bible calls a lie a lie, and you cannot soften the word when you speak of what evil spirits do. They are liars. Satan is a liar. Christ said that Satan was “a liar from the beginning,” and that he is the “father of lies.” Every lie he whispers produces a thousand-fold more.

When these things are pouring in on you, do not try to go on with your work, and shake them off, for they will not go. They are there, and you must deal with them. Just examine them one moment and see whether they really come from your will, and if they do not, give the word of testimony and say, “I refuse, in the name of Jesus Christ, all the lies from lying spirits about myself, my fellow workers, and the Church.” And declare too, “I close my ears to their speaking and refuse it.”

These are some of the things that explain why the Church is so feeble, and why God’s children are so powerless. The Holy Spirit is in the spirits of those who have received Him, but they are powerless because they do not know the enemy, do not recognize him, and do not refuse him, and do not speak to him and do not say, “Go, in the name of Jesus!”

What are you to do? When you are in this conflict, you cannot have time always to get away to your knees, and when you do get to your knees, these accusing spirits do not stop their work, but pour into your mind while you kneel to pray. You may cry to the Lord and say, “O Lord, stop them,” but they do not always stop. Christ has given you the weapon to use against them. Just say, “Lord Jesus, I stand with You against the powers of darkness,” and then say to the enemy, “Go, in the name of Jesus.” “Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).

“They overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb.” It does not say here that JESUS overcame him, but the believer overcomes on the ground of the Blood. It is YOU overcoming. Christ has overcome for you on the Cross, but you have now yourself to overcome on the ground of the Blood, and use His weapon. YOU are to overcome, and the Risen Lord says, “To him that overcometh, will I grant to sit with Me in My throne.”

It means no self-indulgence, no grasping of anything for yourself. It means that it will take the whole force of the divine life in you to stand and to overcome. In this chapter in Revelation it is not a warfare with sin, but a warfare with Satan.

“They overcame him by standing in the conflict even though it means death. Warfare with sin precedes warfare with Satan. If you are covering up any secret sin, that must be dealt with first because that is enough to weaken any warfare with Satan.

It is a war between saints and Satan. And the ground upon which they fought and conquered was the ground of Calvary – using what Christ did there. Therefore, speak directly to the dragon in your path and say, “You are conquered!” But do it in the Spirit of Jesus, and in dependence upon the Lord Jesus, resting upon the victory of His name and of His blood. Say to the accuser, “I stand with Christ against you,” and then declare your testimony, “I choose to be Christ’s. I choose to declare in Jesus’ name it shall be victory!” -Jessie Penn-Lewis


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 Re: 157 days until the Greenock, Scotland Revival Conference

I read the countdown posts regularly for prayer direction and fully agree with a need for the “warfare” considerations that recent posts direct attention to (Day 157-159). There are two points here. First, Rev. 12:11 has the Truth needed in prayer particularly in these days for Scotland and secondly, a focus on the meaning of it being [u][b]logos and not rhema [/b][/u]in Rev.12:11 could be fruitful. In order to avoid muddling this thread up with discussion that distracts from the heart of this thread, I have elaborated a bit on a new General Topics thread: Scotland and “warfare” praying.

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