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 158 days until the Greenock, Scotland Revival Conference

158 days until the Greenock, Scotland Revival Conference

There are thousands of God’s children who are feeble in God’s service because of this apparent self-depreciation and self-centeredness. Some go to their knees to seek the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and something to lift them out of, what they call, this low-plane life. They think if they can only get some mighty floodtide of blessing, it would take this shadow off them!

And all the time, it is a stream from the dragon as the accuser, pouring through your ears to your mind and as pictures to your mental vision, a flood of accusations about yourself, which, if you only recognized that they came from him, you would thrust away.

Satan carries out this work by means of his wicked spirits, and their speaking to you is like a ceaseless running comment upon your actions all the time. Do you do anything without a question mark about it? That exactly describes the speaking of evil spirits – ceaseless whisperings, morning, noon and night. Now reason it out for yourself – it is not you thinking, because there is not action of our brain in the matter. You do not really “think” those things. This ceaseless strain of comment is forced on you, in spite of yourself, although you do not want this commentary going on all the time.

That apparently inward, ceaseless “buzz” of something making comments upon you, and your actions all the day, is directly from evil spirits of Satan. The moment you recognize it, and name it, you are on the first step to deliverance.

You say, “I thought it was myself, but I never reasoned it out. Now I recognize the accusing enemy. I will take no more lies from lying spirits.”

They have been whispering in your ears simply to keep you from being happy and praising God. They want to stop you having a testimony to give, stop you praying, yea, stop you doing any service for God. The lies of the accuser and his emissaries poured in morning, noon and night, can be made to cease through the Blood of the Lamb, for “they overcame him by the Blood.” -Jessie Penn-Lewis


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