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 159 days until the Greenock, Scotland Revival Conference

159 days until the Greenock, Scotland Revival Conference

In Revelation 12:9-11 we read, “…that old serpent, called the devil and Satan…and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony: and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

Here we have the personal, experimental way of victory over Satan. “They overcame him” – a person. The members of the Church on earth (not the nominal church that plays “whist drives,” nor the professing church with ninety-nine parts of it belonging to the world – but the spiritual members of Christ’s Body) are seen in a personal, individual fight.

Do you recognize Satan as a person? I do not mean in the abstract. If a man came and wrestled with you, and attacked you, would you speak to him or to “it?” If he said, “I will pull you down,” you would speak to him, and say, “No, you will not.”

They overcame “him” – a person. You may believe in the abstract that Satan is a person. You believe Christ is a Person, too often in the abstract, miles away, very dim to you. But what Satan fights so much is the being recognized and spoken to directly.

This is quite different to believing in a general sort of a way, and saying, “Yes, I know it is Satan hindering, or attacking.” This conflict with the erect dragon is a direct recognition that he stands in your path ready to devour you. And in verse 11 you are shown the way of victory. It is not in your experience, nor your growth nor your “advanced stage” of the spiritual life, nor in your personal strength; nor in your grasping and understanding what it means to be united to Christ in the heavenly places.

“They overcame him BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB.” But you do not overcome the dragon if you do not recognize him. You recognize Christ as the Conqueror, and as your Saviour; but you must also recognize His enemy. Are you afraid to speak to Satan? There is a block in your path. It may be like an invisible wall and you do not know what to do with it. No praying seems to touch it, nothing moves it until at last you break through, and say, “Satan, I know it is you; in the name of Jesus, get thee hence.”

The very saying the words breaks the wall. You say to the Adversary, “I know it is you in my path, but you are conquered by Jesus Christ. I belong to Christ, and I overcome you by the Blood of the Lamb. You must go, because you were conquered by the Lord at Calvary.”

Then again, “BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY.” The word of testimony is not something you whisper so that nobody can hear, nor is it only an “attitude.” You say you are “standing in the attitude of victory.” The “word of your testimony” means speaking out loud, and saying something that is a testimony.

Notice, too, that IT IS A TESTIMONY DIRECTLY TO SATAN. It is not a testimony to the Church, or in the class meeting. It does not say, “They overcame him by

giving their testimony to the class meeting,” nor “by giving testimony in the Mission Hall.” This testimony has to do primarily and directly with Satan. “Him!” It is speaking to him. The whole verse has to do with “him,” not with a testimony meeting. “They overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb,” and “they overcame him, by the word of their testimony.”

It does not say “words.” It can be very short. It is a testimony directly given to Satan. Now what do you testify to Satan when he attacks you? I am persuaded we have to learn more of this direct dealing with the enemy. It is what we may call “refusing.” It is saying the word to him, “I refuse to yield to you, because I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ.” -Jessie Penn-Lewis


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