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 The Lord never fails ! :D !

So i received some news today.

About 6 or so months back i ran into these two guys who had a HUGE drinking problem. I helped them both but there was one who i was forced to cut off due to his volatile behavior and lack of interest for change so i wiped my sandals gave him my blessings and prayers and left him to the Lord.

The other guy was a very kind soul but still had the drinking problem and i kept in contact with him throughout the months due to his want for change. He suffered from Pancreatitis and ended up in the hospital due to his drinking. I visited him and gave him the Bible which i used when i first came to Christ and told him to read it to focus all his energy on it and i promised that he would see results as i once did.

The months passed and i keep in touch but very loosely due to his life style. One day i get a phone call from him about 2 months or so ago and he tells me how he is Boston on a business trip (He was a very well known Chef) but he lets me know that he is fascinated with the Bible i gave him and that his relationship with the Lord grew immensely and that all he looked forward to was reading the Bible and practicing all he read. I left him once again with my prayers and blessings and haven’t heard from him in months.

Today i received the news that he passed away due to Pancreatitis but i remembered all that i preached to him and the prayers that i said for him and instead of sadness i couldn’t help but smile.

I guess we forget that those who repent, come to Christ and chase after the Lord but die not too long after like this man are simply blessed. Blessed to see the Lord earlier than us! sure death can be a scary thing but this mans death rewarded him with an eternity in God's Kingdom. So once more the Lord never failed to answer my prayers for this mans salvation! (not that i expected him to fail :D )

But anyway fellow saints keep his family in prayer and the other gentleman who also has a very bad drinking problem but was best friends with this other gentleman that passed away.

In Christ, Always.


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