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 GOOD LUCK! and magpies?

The other day I met a woman who I know on the street and we exchanged greetings.

The same thing happened the next day and she said, 'We have met at the same place twice, you have bought me luck.'

The disturbing thing about this is that she is a Christian. A grandmother, that bought her children up in church.

Why would a Christian believe such superstitious nonsense?

Another girl, not a Christian, said to me, 'I'm going to have bad luck, saw a magpie this morning and now I have seen another one this afternoon. That's really bad luck.'

Well, tomorrow is Friday 13th. So what?

Where are all these superstitions contrived?

Horseshoes, rabbits foot, broken mirrors, who decided all this, about good and bad luck?

Funny how people will believe all this, and not what is written in the word of God.

I bet some of you out there have your own superstitions. You might not admit it, but you do.

But this I do know, fear God, keep His commandments, for this is man's all.

God bless.

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