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 134 days until the Lilburn, GA, USA Revival Conference

134 days until the Lilburn, GA, USA Revival Conference

Perhaps some of you will say, "Sir, I feel my need of revival. I intend to set to work this very moment to revive my soul." Do not say it and above all things, do not try to do it, for you never will. Make no resolutions as to what you will do. Your resolutions will be broken as certainly as they are made, and your broken resolutions will but increase the number of your sins.

I exhort you, instead of trying to revive yourself, turn your groaning into prayer. Say not, "I will revive myself," but cry, "O Lord, revive Thy work!" And let me solemnly tell you that you have not yet come to know how sad your estate really is if you would talk of reviving yourself. If you but knew your own condition, you would as soon expect to see the wounded soldier on the battlefield heal himself without medicine, or convey himself to the hospital when his limbs are shot away, as you would expect to revive yourself without the help of God.

I bid you not to do anything, nor seek to do anything, until first of all you have addressed Jehovah Himself by mighty prayer – until you have cried out, "O Lord, revive Thy work!" Remember, He that first made you must keep you alive, and He that has kept you alive must restore more life to you. He that has preserved you from going down to the pit when your feet have been sliding can alone set you again upon a rock and establish your goings.

Begin, then, by humbling yourself – giving up all hope of reviving yourself as a Christian, but beginning at once with firm prayer and earnest supplication to God: "O Lord, what I cannot, please do! ‘O Lord, revive Thy work!’" -C.H. Spurgeon


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 2008/6/9 13:18Profile

 Re: 134 days until the Lilburn, GA, USA Revival Conference

I'm praying the Lord will make a way for me to come to this conference. I missed the last one. My dad lives in Georgia, and he is getting up there in age so I need to stop by and see him. He doesn't live far from Lilburn. Please pray the Lord makes a way for me to come.

 2008/6/9 13:23

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