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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Study Bible and Commentary questions

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Joined: 2008/4/11
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Miami, FL

 Study Bible and Commentary questions

ok couple of questions.


I saw the post on what is the best commentary and i saw Matthew Henry being recommended so i checked it out and wow did i love it. im gonna go get it asap.

I have never used a commentary so its definitly new to (except that in study Bible's) but what exactly is so great about separate commentaries?


i currently have the Nelson's study Bible BUT im just unhappy with it, its a bit draggy but the comments seem to be good i have nothing against the man lol its just after reading stuff like henry i realize why i think Nelson a bit draggy?

But anyway what is a good study bible ? (i heard Life application but im not sure)

oh yeah for KJV

Thank you for your help as always brothers, in Christ.


 2008/6/6 9:28Profile

 Re: Study Bible and Commentary questions

Personally I dont like study Bibles. I prefer to read scripture without all the added commentary along side of it. I want to hear from God, not the commentator.

If I am putting together a lesson, or I am studying a particular topic, or I come across something I simply cant understand... thats when I turn to commentaries.

Besides... whats so common about 'taters anyway? Personally I like 'em mashed, sittin' right beside a juicy thick steak.


 2008/6/6 9:47

Joined: 2008/4/11
Posts: 82
Miami, FL


Besides... whats so common about 'taters anyway? Personally I like 'em mashed, sittin' right beside a juicy thick steak

thank you for the quick laugh hehe.

I tend to agree with you but it is always nice to see what men who devoted so much time to this had to say.

i think im just going to buy the commentary and use it as a refference with my bible. study Bible's are great but in the past year i guess i have grown out of them for some reason so im gonna take ure advice Krispy and definitly put into prayer now that i see that i should give this a little more attention. thnks alot for the advice bro may the Lord bless ya with tasty taters !


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Study bible's are usually nothing more than watered down versions of commentaries that have already been made on the subject :-) Their information is generally so sparse and little, in my personal opinion, they are of little help. They are often much more "devotional" in nature, and don't explain a whole lot.

The only "study bible" I have found though worth anything is Zondervan's NIV Study Bible published by Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. It actually provides relevant archealogocial/background information on various passages of Scriputre. It's a bit cumbersome to read through, but, it has many excellent 1-2 page articles scattered throughout it. I'm not a big fan of the NIV, but, the information contained in the pages is excellent.

Jimmy H

 2008/6/6 12:24Profile

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Indiana USA


I would suggest a reference Bible…perhaps even a Thompson Chain. Let scripture interpret scripture and use a commentary in the fashion Krispy advised.

I have many study Bibles. I usually consult a few of them after I have prepared for leading a class or study group. I have noticed a lot of the comments in class/study group come right out of the notes from everyone’s favorite study Bible. Krispy and KJ have both addressed this problem as well. I think a plain classic reference Bible can go a long way toward teaching and learning the Word.

I do not have a Thompson Chain…but I think it may very well be my next purchase.

Anyone have any thoughts about the Thompson Chains?


 2008/6/6 13:32Profile

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