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Yes, I agree with you. I have been thinking, "How can someone have the Holy Spirit residing in them, and NOT pick up on the falseness of this move?"

I watched a video last night of the revival. It is the first time I have done so. The only thing I have had to judge by was an interview with a Woman, that Todd Bentley and Bob Jones were at...I needed no other convincing.

But in the Video last night, as Bentley addressed the people from Germany to come up and get some anointing; I was sick at heart as I watched people RUN up to the altar, like they do in a game show...Like the Price is Right or something.

Where was the Name of Jesus lifted in that meeting? No where but used as the people shouted, "Jesus can do anything" oh such awful disrespect to our Lord and Saviour...such dishonoring of the Spirit of God...
YET in the background you could see people Amening and many even in tears.

People are so longing for a Touch from God...if only they would go to Him, in prayer, in the quiet of their rooms, seek His Face. He has not stopped visiting those who Seek Him, but they must be Seeking HIM!

I have personally been affected by those I love being confused at this Lakeland event. That is why I am so vocal against it.

Recently another one: This past Sunday night I heard from and visited with a very dear friend of our's who came to Christ last month, after decades of prayer tears and broken hearts over this individual's life away from God.

We have rejoiced at the transformation of Christ that is evident in him...such a precious humility after so long being hard, angry, impatient and even racist.

Someone told him about the Lakeland event. I talked to him for a very long time. I pray that he will not fall for that snare.

I can see, first hand, how Satan is using this event to capture babes.

I am ever so grateful that God is still in control!!!

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 Re: Todd Bentleys current impact.

As of a couple of weeks ago,[ May 25, 'o8], there were 2,000,000 visitors online, and 40,000 visitors to Lakeland. It is growing, it seems, exponentially as sprouts of this madness have been taken around the world.

No Bible, no preaching, no Honor of Jesus, and His precious Blood, No gospel, no Word, No Jesus. ...Over and over and over, while all of this has been replaced by the Bizarre. They never use His name in prayer, in the spirit of Worship.

The prophets prophecy falsely, and the Priests rule on their own authority, and my people love it so!

I have old friends, once disciples of Jesus, who will not talk to me. This thing has taken them over to where they defend it as they once did the real Gospel, and even my most gentle warnings to hold this up to the light of the Word are rejected. "Why?"

Because this is a spirit, or a fortress of spirits anointing this man. The Mormon's are among the most brilliant people in America, and are known for their family life.[the propaganda is usually good, unlike Texas today.]

The Mormons received a fortress of Demons through one man, and now believe the most bizarre extra biblical things!; Amazing tall tales. Joseph Smith had new revelation from Angels, too.

They categorically reject anything to do with the Gospel of Paul, and have added their own bible, and prophetic books. This set of Demons is precariously close to that, and it is expanding. This is the first wave of the great falling away, coming right at you, in your face...."NO JESUS!"

 2008/6/11 12:17

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amen brother


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