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 Re: Behold the Lamb, The Story of the Moravian Church, by Peter Hoover

pastorfrin, I wasn't here when you posted this book. I noticed it took you almost a month.

Thank you for this. What a lesson in Persevering.

The verse about "love waxing cold" struck me this week. I used to think that it would happen because the people themselves would be caught up into the iniquity - but I believe, many of us can suffer from sheer frustration at the iniquity abounding and just begin to lose our love for those around us or that we hear about and that hampers our flow from GOD - because that iniquity abounds.

Most people are 'angry' at government, certain other false religions, sins of certain types of people, the daily news - the list goes on - but that anger can easily turn into a lack of love for the humans in this present evil world. For humanity.

Love is the only thing that will get us through what is coming - so of course satan would aim such News reports and some people's responses against that which is Good and from Him and use it to cause that anger that causes our love to wax cold Because of that anger.
Righteous anger should always be accompanied with 'hope' for any individual or it borders on hate, too closely.
I believe 'that' is what we all need to watch out for the most in this generation.
We must never let anger come anywhere near to becoming hate.
Whether if it's toward Leaders of nations - certain types of sinners - callous or carnal christians, or any other human being that He's created.
To have our love for Any part of humanity to grow cold, is a frightful state to face the days ahead with.
I've seen many within the last 10 years to get angrier and angrier at the state of the Nation or world or the church [apostate or not] and have now isolated themselves from all. They've given up on humans - but 'say' that they haven't given up on GOD.

We need to see that when we "give up" on any human - we're giving up on the Love of GOD for that human or group of humans - and HE's not like that. As long as there is breath in anyone - there is that hope that must remain for them and for each other.

Thank you for the perseverence it took to post this out so faithfully.

It's a treasure of His potential for us all in the days ahead.

Be strengthened in the inner man - all who persevere - whether we see the fruit / results of the labor or not in this life - HE's watching & writing in HIS book and we'll find out soon enough our reward for hanging in there,
in HIS Love.

 2009/3/10 15:26

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