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 we have to get out of the way

This is kind of a manual that I use to remind myself of the importance of being refilled everyday. I thought I would share this with others so that Jesus can be glorified. Feel free to add any advice or criticism…..

Being filled with the Spirit does not mean that I have more of the Spirit, but that the Spirit has more of me. Refilling is the daily first fruit of putting off of our flesh and submitting to God so that He may do His will in us through Christ. We truly overcome the flesh and see God lifted up if we come to the revelation and truth that Christ in us is the only way and hope that we have to see God glorified. How much joy it is to have the Spirit of the Lord filling us to an overflowing and outpouring of His love and glorious character. We must see the importance of putting off our carnal nature and desire every morning by submitting to God and coming into His presence in order that Christ may be put on and manifest through us powerfully throughout each day. Nothing within our fleshly nature is righteous, holy, or can do the will of God because the carnal mind is in rebellion of God. Our flesh wars against His will and the much needed convictions of His Spirit. We die to this mindset of flesh and are filled with Christ by prayer and self denial every morning. After being filled with Christ we overcome flesh and sin by allowing Christ to become our righteousness. Jesus has been made our escape so that we no longer have to struggle within our minds to deny sin. The result of being filled is that our heart and spirit has a unity with the Spirit of Jesus and we strive constantly for righteousness. Through His Spirit we mortify the deeds of the body. When we walk in Christ’s Spirit, we will not give in to flesh. The prayer alter is a great representation of the cross of Christ. Christ went to the cross and died so that we may live, and now we go to the altar and die every morning so that He may live and be glorified. Only Christ can make this vessel walk righteous and holy. This is why we need to be clothed with Christ first thing to begin our day. It is very important that our first fruits of the day are to come into His presence and be refilled. Our job is to die to self, get out of the way, and allow Christ to live through us by the prayer altar and daily accepting of His cross.

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 Re: we have to get out of the way

Amen! Do introduce yourself in forums here:

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