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Joined: 2008/5/30
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 Advice for a sleepy Christian


Over the past 4 years I've listened to many sermons here from Keith Daniel, Ravenhill etc.

I wanted to post a message because I'm struggling spiritually, I'm asleep....

I don't manage to have quiet times, and when I do I don't know what to do, read bible or pray etc. Please could you recommend a study programme for 30 mins a day that I could use for my quiet times?

I want to grow, I want to bring God glory, but I'm not going anywhere fast.


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 Re: Advice for a sleepy Christian

Have you asked God what He would have you do?

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 Re: Advice for a sleepy Christian

I can appreciate your struggle. I think we all go thru that.

Here's what you can do. Set aside 30 - 60 minutes a day simply for Bible reading. Start in Genesis and work your way thru. If you feel like you're getting bogged down when you're going thru Numbers or Leviticus... skip them. (Thats where people begin to struggle)

Or start in Matthew and read thru the NT.

Download the Bible on mp3! Listen to it at work or while driving. This helps me sometimes when my schedule is just nuts (which is most of the time!). Of course, I recommend the KJV not only because it's superior to the modern versions, but also because you can download it for [b]FREE[/b].

A lot of this is self discipline. Sometimes you have to make yourself do it. But thats ok! Dont feel guilty about making yourself read scripture. If you dont make yourself do it, then you wont do it at all.

But after awhile it wont only become a habit, it will become a passion! And you will feel incomplete if you dont have that time in the Word.

As for praying... keep a journal. Keep a list of things to pray for. Also, pray continually. Conversate with God. An ambulance passes you on the highway... pray for whoever they are transporting. Etc...

Be creative.


 2008/5/30 8:13

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Have you asked God what He would have you do?


And tell God what you told us. Tell Him you do not love Him like you think you should and would He please help you with that?

Too many times we look to people to suggest a method to assist us in overcoming these weaknesses when in reality it is only God that can give you the gumption to get with it.

Also, too many times we consider Bible reading, prayer as a "religious rite" that must be entered into, be performed. It is so much more then that: it is talking with God which means you listen to Him as well. Too often we come to him with our shopping list of wants/needs, reel them off and "Amen!"; and I gotta get to work! The scripture says to pray without ceasing...think about how you can appropriate that in your life..

Blessings and hoping you will succeed,

Sandra Miller

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


I would also recommend having 2-3 devotional books that you use every day also such as:

The utmost for His Highest
Spurgeons morning and evening, etc

Get on a plan to read the bible through so you know every day what you are going to read. Set a time of prayer in the morning and plan to pray for a certain amount of time ie 30 minutes. It might seem hard at first but its discipline that God requires and it will become something that you get used to.

We are disciplined for everything else in life then prayer and bible reading and when you try that everyone tells you its legalism.. very sad day we live in.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Advice for a sleepy Christian

Hi ineedgod...

I will be praying for you. Like others have suggested, I would recommend that you read the Bible straight through. There is quite a bit of reviving power in the Word of God! It is far superior than any words of man -- even though there are some pretty good words from men of God that could help you along your way too.

I would recommend taking the Bible, and beginning in the book of Matthew and continue through the end of the New Testament. I can't tell you how quickly or slowly that you should go; rather, I would urge you to go at whatever speed is most helpful. You can use a bookmark to remind you of the place that you left off. You can underline or emphasize passages that speak to your heart too. I use a Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible that helped indicate other relevant Scriptures that I could consult concerning each passage.

When I first met Jesus, I began by reading the book of Luke. I then went on to the book of Acts (both of which were written by Luke [a physician] to a guy or group named [i]Theophilus[/i]). Afterward, I proceeded to read the entire New Testament -- from Matthew to Revelation. Once I did this, I started on the Old Testament -- beginning in Genesis.

By reading the entire Bible through, you provide yourself a much needed foundation. These are God's words to you. They are able to keep you in times of distress. After you are thoroughly founded in His Word, you will be able to distinguish between the words and suggestions of others.

You will be in my prayers. May the Lord ignite your heart with a passion for Him as you read His Word!!!



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 Re: Advice for a sleepy Christian

Thank you so much for your advice.

Tomorrow morning I will try and put aside 1 hour - 30 mins for prayer first asking God what He wants me to do and secondly 30 mins for bible reading starting in Matthew.

I appreciate your love and prayers. May God be glorified in my life...

Although I have read through the bible a couple of times and knew intimacy with God, I have slipped away. I'm not struggling with a particular lust but I fear I'm neither hot or nor cold - a terrible place to be in... Whats more I have felt like this for over 6 months and just feel uncapable of change. I know in theaory God can do it but I need God to actually do it.

I will be back with an update soon :-) Amazing to have people who care about my walk in the Lord. :-)

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Interesting that you should mention hot and cold . . . we had a thunderstorm come through last night and this morning I was pondering how this was the coming together of hot and cold air masses. When things are lukewarm nothing much happens, but when hot meets cold - then there is thunder and lightening and the healing rain pours forth abundantly and everything turns lush and green . . .

(Edit: As I thought further on this, these same storms can also wreck havoc as idols are torn down and earthly dreams are vanquished . . .)

I will be praying for you.

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"Waking the Dead" by John Eldridge

the dangerous thing about being asleep is that you don't know what spiritual situation you are in. there are consequences for these choices. stir yourself, ineedgod, seek Him with all your heart, pray from your heart fervently.

I should ask at this point, are you certain that you know Him?

Randy Lambert

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Joined: 2008/5/30
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Hi again,

By Gods grace this morning I took an hour with Him. Praying first and noting down key content of the prayers. Then I read the first chapter of Matthew.

I prayed what God would like me to do - I didn't get any specific revelation - but I already know - seek him, communicate with him throughout the day and read his word.

The thing I personally struggle with the most is the communicating him throughout the day. My mind gets focused on my work and projects and I go into that 200%...

Well Zionshield I believe I do know God, I am forgiven of my sins and God has been cleaning out my life - it's just that I feel stuck and like I'm not growing.

Heartsong - isn't it amazing to see the power in natural disasters. How wonderful that Jesus simply spoke and the waters obeyed him when he was in his boat with his disciples... How privaleged we are to know the author of creation, how humbling that He wants us to spend time Him.

Thank you friends for your prayers. By Gods grace I'll do the same tomorrow and spend time with Him.

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