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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


EDTI: This topic is being locked so that no one can respond to the comments in this post in the public forum. For any comments please Private message me personally.


Brothers and Sisters at SermonIndex I would ask that you don't respond anymore to these postings by Pastor Daniel Lirette but we let them stand as they are and if anyone has anything to accuse me of towards my personal character that is brough up in this post then I am more than willing to clarify anything. I hope this post does not become a stumbling block to anyone who calls on the name of Christ, I pray that the truth of God would be manifest in this situation and surely God has an intention to allow things like this to happen. As the one brother said, God is more than able to defend me who bear his name as a 'Christian' and surely God is more than able to judge men and the secret motives of their hearts. I would ask that you be in prayer for me, this pastor, and also for this ministry.

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