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Discussion Forum : General Topics : your best life now; your worst eternity forever. Joel Olsteen,the flower of TBN theology.

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 Re: It is about becoming like Jesus, isn't it.

Hearing the longing in you convicts me, Clintstone. It is about that...His response to our gratefulness that draws us to Him, by His power.

It is simple, and surely not about us, or our best life, but about Him, Jesus of Nazareth, and our desire to Love Him, and His desire to possess us, as a living temple. There is sacrifice in this, from both ends, and it is a costly sacrifice....and sorrow too...yet surely there is joy in the morning when we awake like Him!

 2008/7/16 0:20

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Good thread! BT, you've given me something to think about. My earthly struggles are beginning to pale in comparison to what I know lies ahead in Glory! It's good that we've talked about all of this. I think the Lord wanted for this discussion to take place. Blessings to all.

 2008/7/16 12:52Profile

 Re: underestimation.

"We are the head, and not the tail."

I believe that there always has been an alarm of sorts, that has sounded from the very beginning of these neo-pentecostal doctrines. I cannot say when they began...May be not long after Azusa street, when men began to imitate what they knew was real, yet did not possess within themselves; the authentic biblical gift of speaking in tongues.

[It is difficult to pinpoint, perhaps some scholars out there could help. I think of KENYON, and roots of new age thought, that drifted into man's end of authority, mixed with a Dominion theology, and his effect on Pentecost of the 1940's..]

At some point, the giftings, the power, the thought, the ideology became inherently humanistic. They got their wish. They (the early to mid century Pentecostals) became the head, moving ahead with a fistful of twisted scriptures that "proved" the adornment of the Bride was far ascendant to the Love of the groom.

[b]This, as I see it, is at the heart of the Jezebel Spirit itself, and is the subtle factor that has assisted the Church into her plunge into Harlotry.[/b]

I think that because of the subtlety of it, most in the stable church, fundamentalism and holiness...the cross bearing body, viewed this thought as more of an Aberration, than a heresy. "Those wild and crazy Pentecostals!"[many were right on, and holy].

The right to a healthy life filled with well being. It is my right as a believer!...The Right to Happiness and power...I am the Bride....The right to Prosperity..."I am the head, and not the tail!" These are the doctrines and faith , the mature fruit of these seeds sown way back then, and today it is entering into it's fourth generation.

"I tell you now, even now with weeping, that these are the enemies to the

[b]cross of Christ![/b]. "

We have underestimated the force of these doctrines, and their effect upon us, and our children. We did not see that this is an[b]Antichrist[/b] spirit, that hates everything to do with the death we must die, to resurrect the life that the Flesh must live. It is Satan's cry: "I will ascend to the Throne!" Life, Power, and Glory will be mine!"

The doctrine of controlling God, with our tongue, and "speaking" blessings to myself and others. Did you ever think that possibly the human heart may have something to do with being "blessed?" Most of the time, when this is done, a wicked, greedy, and deceitful heart may be the one speaking forth. This heart will stop at nothing to attain it's most selfish goal. [b]SATISFY ME![/b]. This is JEZEBEL. The bride Queen, who dominated and controlled her king to bow to her, and all of her lusts, and quests for complete power.

This is where the frenzy of convoluted healings and mixed and bizarre worship , that adores the loudness and sensual sway of worship in the dark rooms rests. This is where the jet set gospel rounds the World, banking their millions and millions, living as the Lords of Europe in luxury, while Somalia starves. This is where multitudes want God, on their very own terms, no matter the cost to their own holy faith...if it ever existed..

[b]you see, IT'S ALL ABOUT ME![/b] Your best Life Now!..This is Anti-Christ my dear brothers and sisters. We are dead center in the war..and do not be mistaken...your soul, and the souls of multitudes, are in the balance.[b]No Cross, No Glory.[/b]

The Blood of Jesus is our hope. We must bow before Him alone. He is the Life! His way is the best, for us all.

 2008/7/20 10:56

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