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 "Events" Notices at SermonIndex README

I have been encouraged by a few brothers and sisters over the last few months to post speaking engagements of preachers across canada and the USA. After prayer and much thought I consider this to be a worthwhile thing and hope that it would encourage other members at SI to go and hear a man of God and be encouraged by others who are fellowshipping in that place.

With that said I would also like to lay down some ground rules in posting these events.

NOTE: at this current time I will [b]be only accepting live events[/b] from the current speakers, I will expand this list as I can. And the focus should be on USA and Canada for now hopefully I will have a module that I can list many different events and speakers conferences.

Speaker List:
David Wilkerson
Carter Conlon
Keith Daniel
Art Katz
Zac Poonen
Jim Cymbala
Richard Owen Roberts

If there are other speakers you think should be on this list and you have contact information to get a whole list of their speaking engagements, please then email me first to get approval:

1) All events will be posted by myself, if you have an event by a Christian speaker that you think it worthwhile then email it to me: or use the [url=]Contact Us[/url] Form. Please note I do obtain the right to refuse the event posting and will probably try to just get some of the speakers at SermonIndex in these postings.

2) The hopes of these postings is that there would be an event in your own local area that you could attend hopefully throughout the year, plus I am wanting to support some of these men of God who go and preach the true gospel of God and usually get small crowds.

3) All event postings will be done in the announcements section of the forum and will be signified by an 'EVENT:' before the title of the event. You are welcome to comment on them and let people know more information or if you went, and afterwards to share your experience of the event with people at SermonIndex.

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 Re: "Events" Notices at SermonIndex README

Outstanding idea!

Mike Balog

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