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 Derek Prince destroyed revival

several years ago 4 men Bob Mumford, Don Bashom, derek Prince and Charles Simpson were called the Florida four. There was a wonderful book out called a rushing mighty wind. Mel Tari I believe was how you spell it. it was a testimony of how every manifestation in the great comission was being fulfilled. I met one of his ministers and he seemed to be a sort of angry man. well there was a movement brought there and it was called the Shepherdship movement. cell groups were formed and instead of the bible much had to do with family teaching. the Fl.4 taught that you must give everything you have to them and they could command anything of you and God would punish you if you didn't obey. You had to have their permission to marry the girl or guy you loved they could say no. all under the scriptures of submit yourself to your minister. as a result many have departed from the faith. this is by the 1,000s. I put this here to help you be safe from this teaching or ministries. I was looking for a church and sat in one of the sunday morning meetings the man said to the group give me an example of faith. I raised my hand and said Joshua and he caused the sun to stand still. He said that is not true that that was not faith but he never explained why. This also happened in Lakeland Fla. this was in the 1970s.


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 Re: Derek Prince destroyed revival

Your post was confusing and hard to understand.

Yet I do want to mention: The shepherding error was many years ago. Since, Derek Prince publicly repented, acknowledged that the leadership went astray and separated himself from the movement. He has many valuable teachings.

Brian Erickson

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There is a good sermon given by Derek Prince on this website in the podcast section. The topic is on Jesus' burden for America. A great call to us and to prayer. Please search it out and listen to it before making a false claim on a dear brother in Christ


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 Re: Derek Prince destroyed revival

Mel Tari wrote the book "Like a Mighty Wind", detailing an alleged revival in Timor, Indonesia during the '60s. Its authenticity has since been challenged. Whether it happened as Tari says it did makes no difference in my salvation. But I would warn you to be careful with this story. At best it is entertaining...

After googling 'Mel Tari' I was surprised to read that he is still around...have not heard hide nor hair about him in years!


PS: "Like a Mighty Wind" was very popular during the '60s and I still have a copy somewhere - likely in the attic.

Sandra Miller

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"Please search it out and listen to it before making a false claim on a dear brother in Christ"

If this is brodav9 personal experiance,and also cofirmed by Derek Prince confession that leadership got out of control, why do you say he's makng false claims?


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 Re: Derek Prince destroyed revival

I find this claim VERY difficult to believe.
Prince had a vital deliverance ministry, casting demons out of "Christians". I can see why the devil would work to shame his name. In the end we are all just men.
(i use parenthesis above because i feel that MOST "christians" in America have no clue as to who God is or what Salvation is or how to find it - both of which are made clear to us in the WORD, if we'll read it)

FEW American "believers" want to hear anything about needing deliverance from evil spirits, let alone actually investigating this spiritual reality. Most shun the truth when you try to share it with them. Mention holiness or selling their riches to give to the gospel or to the poor. Church parking lots filled with BMWs, Benz's, Cadillacs and on and on... all while near half the world starves to death?? I guess a Chevy or Ford isn't good enough? :(

Then once yer inside we find dancing, drama, rock and roll, women half dressed with their breasts near bouncing out of their tops. The "church" in America prefers prosperity and "feeling good" to holiness and obedience to Christ. Hard teachings are something MOST will not accept. Christ warned us this day would come, that most would reject sound doctrine, and that God will send them a delusion to believe instead. I think it means He will permit a delusion to be put on and around them. Those seeking HIS truth will not be deceived, but will come out of these apostate churches.

Anyhoo... I have found Derek to be one of the best deliverance ministers/teachers I've come across. This claim of cult behavior I simply cannot believe.

You will know them by their FRUIT
Read his books. Listen to his teachings. Go look at his website. Don't take hearsay for granted.

ps- the sun standing still was an answer to prayer. walking across the dry bed of the Red Sea was an act of faith - BELIEVING GOD. that He would see them thru to the other side. FAITH = BELIEVING GOD
Abraham raising the dagger to slay his son was an act of faith as well as obedience. it says that he trusted God would restore his son even if he had to raise him from the dead, and he told Isaac that "God will provide a sacrifice"
he was prepared to kill his son because he knew God would fulfill his promise to Abraham - he believed what God had told him.

Donald Davis

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"Please search it out and listen to it before making a false claim on a dear brother in Christ"

If this is brodav9 personal experiance,and also cofirmed by Derek Prince confession that leadership got out of control, why do you say he's makng false claims?

If Derek Prince recognised these problems in early ministry, corrected his course when he did, and continued his life as a dedicated man of God, what is the *purpose* of the original post even *if* it is true?

Is it to discredit his solid works for God based on a mistake that he turned from many years ago? I hope not.

Is to to blame him for 'blocking' a revival? Do you think God would have been held back by an earnest man that got some practical aspects wrong? Not even the very wrong yet earnest Saul managed that.


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Dear friend, it is shameful to make threads like this. I mean, can't we share something edifying with the community, something that will bless the reader and draw him closer to Jesus rather than focusing on destroying the character of another brother? Would the Lord create a thread like this, calling a man out by name who obviously loves Him and has served Him for many years, despite his faults?

Observe that Christ didn't even name the traitor Judas by name to the other brethren; He only said (and in private) "he who dips with me in the sop..."

Let us take His example, govern our tongues, and especially not speak words that discredit, defame or publically damage the testimony of another brother or sister, no matter how much we hapen to disagree with the person. Most of what we accuse others of is hearsay anyhow, as many of us will discover at the judgment.

Thank you for your undertstanding. This thread will be locked.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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