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 Manifestations of the Spirit of God

There has been a lot of talking about the workings/manifestations of the Spirit in revival. My question is: where there manifestations of the Spirit in earlier revivals and what kind of manifestations where that? I mean psychial manifestations on people.
Did people fall? Did people shook? Did they...etc.?

What happened in the early days (the bible, but also the revivals of edwards, finney etc).

What's from God in all of this? What's counterfeit? And how can we recognize this in these last days we are living in?

God bless.


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 Re: Manifestations of the Spirit of God

Here are a few articles I wrote on this subject you might find helpful:

[b]Revival Experiences: Crying Out[/b]

[b]Revival Experiences: Slain In The Spirit[/b]

[b]Ten Great Biblical Deceptions[/b]

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well some manifestations are good, for instance someone having their blind eyes open..
Bad manifestations would be barking like a dog and acting other than human..
Good manifestations would be crying out to God for mercy and being miracelously transformed from a sinnful life to a life oh holiness and peacefullness.
Bad manifestations would be convulsing like being taken over by a spirit that is not agreeing with your sound mind.
Good manifestations would be falling as if dead.... in some cases it was a judgment....Scripture validates that.
Jesus said we will know them by their fruit,,,
Not by their manifestations....
Fruit is not, followers, money, good works,though good works could be if in the spirit, position, importance, how many miracles that occur...converts are not fruit....if that were true then the Muslims have us beat by a long shot...
Jesus said you will know them by their fruit..
Galations 5 talks about the fruit...
I would like to quote Ian Paisley...
God never operates outside of his word
God always operates in absolute conformity with his word.
God's will is always uncovered in his word.
God has ordained that by the word of God preached men shall be saved.

Question,,, Is the word of God being preached?
Or, is being preached, this thing..
Come and get the fire,, come and get the anointing, come and bring the anointing back to your church.
Are men seeking power? or are they seeking a relationship with Jesus Christ, With humility and Contriteness.
For none of us deserve salvation, and certainly none of us deserve any anointing whatsoever...
If we chase the manifestations be assured that we will get a teaching attached that will lead to ship wreck....
Be warned please: and pray for God to protect his bride.


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Nowadays a lot is accepted, like drunk in the spirit (acts 2/eph. 5 > people are explaining it with these texts). A lot of people are also explaining this with being in a sort of extase (2 kor. 5:13 & just like david in his underwear etc)

A lot of texts are used for all this.
Also for laughing in the spirit, how do we explain this as biblical? I know there is a joy. But is it the joy we see nowadays?

Can someone explain above matters to me?



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There is still a question standing under this post, anyone? :).

Yesterday I head a preacher and he said this about manifestations:

- When the Holy Spirit comes on a person he comforts, refreshes, leads to Christ.
- When the Holy Spirit comes He convicts a person of sin, judgement etc.
- When the Holy Spirit comes on a person it is possible that the Spirit touches feelings/emotions that are unexpressed (this can lead to strange sounds / supernatural things).
- When the Holy Spirit comes on a person it is possible that a demon manifests what can lead to very strange sounds (it brings things from darkness in light of Gods presence).

Is it possible that much of what we see today we try to comprehend with our natural mind and forget that God is supernatural?
I mean, sometimes when God works supernatural it can work on someones body/flesh for example. What will happen if Gods glory comes on someone...? There is power, there is a must work something out physically.
Also the unexpressed feelings, they can lead to strange manifestations when Gods Spirit touches them I think.


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It is clear that a lot of things taking place today is causing great confusion in the Church of Jesus Christ.

First, we need to remember, that the Church is the body of Christ, Eph 2v21-22.

And it goes without saying, that Christ is the Head.

Also, we read that God is not the author of confusion, 1 Cor 14v33.

Let us look from scripture, what happened when people encountered God, or visits from angels.

Daniel 10v8-10 tells of those with Daniel having a great terror come upon them and fleeing to hide themselves.

Daniel confessed there was no strength left in him.

In Judges 13, Samson's parents were were alarmed at having seen the Angel of the Lord, and his father thought they would die.

We can see in Revelation 1v17, when John saw the Lord, he fell down as one dead.

This is just food for thought.

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