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 A CD I highly recommend

I bought a CD the other day and gave it a spin last night... and oh my, it touched me like no other CD I've ever listened to.

The singer's name is Todd Agnew, the name of the CD is Better Questions.

Here's the Amazon link:

The lyrics on this CD deal with some tough issues and are based very much in the reality and messiness of our spirituality in Christ. Most of these songs I can relate to more than than usual "rah rah I love Jesus" lyrics in most of Christian music.

I highly recommend this CD to everyone reading this... it will tear your heart out and make you re-examine where you are with the Lord.

And just a side note for those who have an issue with Christian rock... the musical style of this CD is very bluesy Southern Rock. Just didnt want you to run out and buy it and then be offended.

Check out these lyrics from two of the songs on the CD:

[i][b]Peace On Earth[/b]

As long as we say prayers for our children
That we do not pray for others
There won't be...
And as long as we take offerings for those in need
To appease our guilt over our greed
There won't be...

There won't be peace on earth
There won't be peace on earth
There won't be peace on earth
There won't be, there won't be
Won't be peace

When a Chinese girl and a Haitian boy
And an American child all share the same toys
There might be, there might be...
When the TV brings a tear to our eyes
And it's not a movie, but news of a hungry child across the world
There might be...

There might be peace on earth
There might be peace on earth
There might be peace on earth
There might be, there might be
Might be peace

When I look at the world and see...

We got a problem
We're seeing the surfaces too often
Whether race or religion
It makes no difference
The blood paid penance
Forgiven the death sentence
No lines no more, no rich, no poor

No Jew, no Greek, no slave, no free
When I look at you and see someone just like me
There might be, there might be...

When the Lord of all is the Lord of each
And I love you like He loves me
There might be...
No, there will be[/i]

[i][b]Lovers In Our Heads[/b]

Mary's driving home again, she's crying again
Johnny left her for another girl
She's embarrassed by her loneliness and haunted by her shame
Everyone's reacting just the same
As she feared they would

Are we more concerned with the fruit of another
Never noticing our own barren branches?
Are we more consumed with casting stones at each other
While ignoring the lovers in our beds?
Our own beds in our heads

Mary's driving home again, turns on the radio
'Cause no one's writing songs about divorce
She could use a verse or two
Anything that brings just a few
Moments of light on the middle of this darkness

God hears her cries
As her tears fall rivaling the grains of sand
We have His heart
What is keeping us from being His hands?

Mary's driving home again, turns off the radio
'Cause no one's writing songs about divorce... yet[/i]


 2008/5/6 8:33

 Re: A CD I highly recommend

bump... just wanted to make sure everyone saw this.


 2008/5/6 13:45

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