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The unity of Christ amongst the brotherhood does not come by belief in words alone. The unity in Christ comes by living with Him. Imagine the heartache Jesus experienced when He came for His own. And yet many rejected Him and His words. Instead they chose to honor men and uphold the customs of the day. Our lives here on earth are very short. The things we experience are just a nanosecond of time. The religion that we have experienced will be counted as rubbish as we continue to follow Him. This rubbish pile will grow, our lives will experience the heartaches of our Savior. And we shall know the unity that is IN CHRIST.

Let us with fear and trembling preservere.

Thankyou Mike, in the short time that I have been here, I have seen God's grace grow in your life.

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

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Indeed, all of this comes into play. All these thoughts expressed here. Especially the one's brought up by Ed in quoting Ron. The fact that I can see these things still within in varying forms is disturbing...

Even in the other thread on pride and humility there is much to muse on and think through. Something that came to mind is that perhaps this shows another great aspect of the divinity of Jesus. No one could have walked this earth in such exacting fashion, beyond that, that He was willing to do so and go even further by taking our failures to do so upon Himself and then some....My, it seems we have touched only a microcosim of all that He has done, it is so far above my ability to even begin to grasp. To borrow from brother Katz: "I stagger and I reel and I can't keep up with my God"

Robert, yes it goes very much against my 'nature' and you hit it on the head. It has caused me to reflect on those in a position of a church elder or church pastor and this is but a small taste in comparisson. The effect that it must have on them with all this mental hopscotch, the way they will be misunderstood no matter what they do. My heart goes out to them. Certainly our prayers for them are in order.

The other thing that I would like to agree upon is in "as to allow a brother or sister to be overcome by much sorrow." Absolutelty. By no means do I wish anything other than restoration and if perchance Daniel you are reading this, I love you as a brother and ask for your forgiveness for any and all that was spoken from a critical spirit and I know that at times it did rise to that as I became aggitated and frustrated to try and draw your attention to the issue at hand.

My sincerest hope is echoed in these words from Robert as well:

If everyones heart is right God will deal with the situation. Like Paul and Barnabus there are times when people have to part company because of the sharp disagreements until God can work it out. What happened? John Mark was a young man that faultered young- but the Gospel of Mark by tradition was written by his own hand later on. Paul later said to send him because he was profitable for the ministry. God worked it out. God received all the glory also! It is quite a story of God's working and it is marvelous in our eyes. My prayer is that we will see God work this out as well! He is able. He is gracious.

Mike Balog

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