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Discussion Forum : General Topics : videos of steve hill and john kilpatrick at florida revival

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Joined: 2008/4/30
Posts: 3

 videos of steve hill and john kilpatrick at florida revival

My husband found these online they are of steve hill and john kilpatrick at the florida revival speaking and blessing the movement and praying for todd bentley

 2008/5/5 22:22Profile

Joined: 2007/1/30
Posts: 926

 Re: videos of steve hill and john kilpatrick at florida revival

This is disturbing and demonic.

For the sake of the forum rules, I remind you that we are not supposed to be linking to youtube videos.


 2008/5/6 2:59Profile

Joined: 2006/5/31
Posts: 427



theopenlife wrote:
This is disturbing and demonic.



 2008/5/6 4:44Profile


Someone has to have a complete lack of scriptural knowledge and discernment to think that this mess is of God.


 2008/5/6 8:49

Joined: 2006/6/28
Posts: 3361
Central Texas


Oh wow,they are having fun. I've got to get there!!! Thank you Jesus!!

The above is a comment I cut-and-pasted straight from YouTube, because I believe it typifies what this whole deceptive movement is projecting. Where people should be broken and grieved over a nation and world going to hell, they are laughing at the carnival.

O Lord, how much longer?

_________________ Moderator - Paul West

"On the top of those very billows, which look as if they would overwhelm us, walks the Son of God." Oswald Chambers

 2008/5/6 8:54Profile


No kidding. "Fun" is now the measuring stick for whether something is of God.


 2008/5/6 10:17

Joined: 2004/1/17
Posts: 219

 Re: videos of steve hill and john kilpatrick at florida revival

Not every night of these meeetings has had a carnival atmospere. There have been nights of weeping over sin and the lost. There have been nights of joy and laughter. Nothing in those two descriptions discredits it from being a genuine move of the Spirit. Every historic revival has always contained those elements. Weeping, wailing is not the earmark of true revival. The exaltation of Jesus and the transformation of lives for His glory is the earmark. Let's remember how to be truly discerning folks. Take it from the Berean's! Their first instinct was belief they then tested it against the word of God. To often we come at things from a negative. That's NOT true discernment and is certainly not operating in love which "believes all things".
God bless,

 2008/5/6 11:51Profile


certainly not operating in love which "believes all things".

Your use of this scripture is not what it is meant to imply. Scripture doesnt tell us to "believe all things"... it commands us to "test all things". This misunderstanding of the word "love" is what has brought all manner of ecumenism and false doctrine into the church today.


 2008/5/6 12:12

Joined: 2004/1/17
Posts: 219


Not really...
My use of this scripture was not meant to say if we are operating in love we must believe everything. I should have amplified it more and made myself more clear. My concern is that is seems many who APPEAR genuinely hungry for a move of God have doubt and unbelief as their knee jerk reaction. Example, "Oh I hear that revival has broken out in Lakeland", the response, "Friend that cannot be true revival. The city isn't changed yet. There's to much glorification of a man. Where's the weeping and wailing that's evidence of repentance? etc..."

It seems that when we hear a report of something happening we (even if we're right sometimes) come at it from an angle of doubt and unbelief. Do we forget that the great men of God like G Campbell Morgan denounced the Azusa Street Revival as "the last vomit of satan."? Another great one, RA Torrey, denounced it and stated they were founded by a "soddomite"? The "soddomite" in question was Charles Parham, who was accused of sodomy in Zion, also denounced Azusa Street saying that God was sickened in his stomach at the sight of blacks and whites worhsipping together.

Jessie Penn Lewis in her bizarre, grossly unscriptural and "way to popular with anti revivalst crowd" book, War on the Saints, denounces much of the phenomena associated with the Welsh Revival as being demonic and fleshly. Forget the fact that the fruit of this revival abounded, it was the physical manifestations and unintelligilbe cries of the people that discredit it. ( sad) An interesting side not is that Evan Roberts himself referred to War on the Saints as being a failed weapon that had divided God's people.

History proves my point. When individuals come at something with a pseudo-berean approach (which is doubt all and then prove your doubts through study) end up with the same conclusions about moves of God - the were of the devil. Sure some good may have come from them, like the salvation of thousands, but the negatives, bizarre physical manifestations, were far to abundant for the movement to be considered beneficial. (last statement laced with sarcasm...)

The Berean spirit is receiving the message with joy, hoping this could be what you're praying for, then studying the scriptures to see if it be true. We have entire ministries that are based on the opposite approach.

If joy, laughter and physical manifestations discredits a man or movement than forget about John Hyde, Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival, Duncan Campbell and the Hebrides, Johnathon Edwards and the Great Awakening, Wesley, Whitefield, Finney, Cane Ridge, John G Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, CL Culpepper and the Shantung Revival, and the list could go on and on and on . . .
(and, by the way, not ALL of the manifestations attending the afforementioned ministries occured in the context of repentance and sorrow over sin...)

I dunno...I'm gonna quite typing now. Maybe this will speak to someone...

 2008/5/6 12:44Profile



theopenlife wrote:
This is disturbing and demonic.

For the sake of the forum rules, I remind you that we are not supposed to be linking to youtube videos.

I agree that this Todd Bentley Holy Laughter stuff is trash, but I'm thinking this story and the video has recently previously been posted by this site. It is about as ridiculous of a thread as the article that was posted about on the church going through the great tribulation. I guess it is alright to post such in the manner of exposing a lie, as long as the thread poster elaborates the truth in contrast with the article and/or the video. One could probably assume in view of previous posting by a moderator that a story would be permissibly and assume they had permission too, don't you think? The same with the political threads. Could one assume after seeing a Ron Paul thread, that politics wasn't really off limits and against the forum rules?

 2008/5/6 13:04

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