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 "All stories end well!"

Yesterday in Sunday School, one young boy made an observation and it is troubling me. So I am sharing this with y'all hoping someone could inspire me in how to respond.

I was reading a story that illustrated the folly of rebellion in a child. In the end the child (a boy) admitted to his mother that he was wrong and that he is sorry he had disobeyed. My student declared "yes, that is just like all other stories: they end well!" I was a little taken back, said nothing because the bell had rung for dismissal, but it is an issue that needs to be dealt with. What would you say?

Allow me to introduce this 11 YO boy: he is very intelligent but has a earning disability - dyslexia; comes from a family of eight children of whom three are hearing impaired; he lives now on a chicken farm, but years earlier their dairy farm was hit by a tornado, causing intensive damage (but by night time the dairy barn was operational again thanks to the help of scores of volunteer neighbors and friends who converged on the farm to help); three years ago his father drowned in a ski-do accident; his oldest sister, who is deaf, was raped in an shopping mall last October is now pregnant. Financially, they are fine, but the children are/were being home-schooled but others are not impressed with the quality of education...the mother is too busy being a mom and a dad and CEO of a large farm operation. This is the boys' home environment. What would you say? I am - at the moment - stumped.

What say?


Sandra Miller

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