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 most popular way to interpret scripture.

after looking at the steps to the best way to find what a scripture text is saying, I created a way to remember them. it is the acrostic--- Bill chops-- It didn't make sense for a moment then I saw it, the acrostic could say Bill chops up the text by analising it by proper steps. B. what does the (bible) say as a whole concerning that scripture. I--- (interpret) with prayer, L---study the (literature) of the text, meaning the main story it is in. L--- use (lanquage) study tools, why? example-- I said to a Mexican Coca Cola he laughed very loud. I said why so funny ? he said Cola in Mexican means your backside. Ha Ha . so you see when we have a English interpretation in another culture like Greek it means something else even though use the same word. comprenda. C--- what is the (context) of the scripture, must look at surrounding scripture to make fit in meaning. H--- need to Know a little about the history that it fits into. O--- remember the Old testament) is in the new but not vice versa. naturally one was written later. P---( purpose) for why the scripture was written there. idea is to see that purpose and then you will see how it fits. s--- (structure,) every word in the sentence has a meaning or it wouldn't be put there, unless of coarse it is in italics, which are only put there to help but are not the original passage. example in Jn.14:17 this structure is saying two things the Spirit will be with you and then the Spirit will be in you. He will be with a christian who has been saved. But then he will be in you. He is the comforter. another example in Acts 19:2 along with Jn.14:17 He asks have you received the Holy Spirit since you beleived. that is where you can see that the Spirit was (with) them when they beleived but (in) them when they receive the Holy Spirit. well I hope that more will take serious their interpretation which will save us from what is false and that we will receive the blessings that the scriptures were written for. Many lost their lives to give us the wonderful word of God. if I could say it this way it is sacred, not to be tampered with.


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 Re: most popular way to interpret scripture.

Most useful, BroDave !! I try to interpret
scripture the way a journalist would: By
asking How, Who, Why, What, and Where !

Martin G. Smith

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