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 Intreview with Lenard Ravenhill (vidio) transcription

Is this the place to post this?

An Interview with Leonard Ravenhill (video) transcription project

This rich video has been downloaded my many of us, maybe viewed several times. Would you like a transcript of it enough to participate in a project to accomplish that? The video is close to 120 minutes long. Daunting for one individual but just a large piece of yummy cake for 60 of us transcribing 2-minutes of the video apiece.

A signup sheet might look like this:

Minutes Name e-mail
1 and 2 JoanM
3 and 4 ______ ______________
5 and 6 ______ ______________
7 and 8 ______ ______________
9 and 10 ______ ______________

#1 collector ______ ______________
#2 assembler ______ ______________
#3 assembler ______ ______________

Transcribe your two minutes. Continue your transcription to the end of the sentence. Spell check and proof your work against the video. E-mail your word-document transcription (within the body of your email to avoid bugs, no attachments) to __#1_collector____. Keep a copy of you two-minutes. That person can sent 10, 2-minute transcriptions in time order as one word-document as they are completed to _#2 assembler__ for assembly into 20 minute segments along with an additional spell check and proof against the video. Then the 6, 20-minute transcription units could be sent to _#3 assembler__ for a final assembly along with the final spell check and proof against the video. This could be sent to sermonindex so be made available to all.

Because I do not know about storage space (how large in M/K whatevers this would be) I have put in 3 collector/assemblers. Perhaps #2 and #3 could be the same. I could do that, if someone knows if 5.0GB available out of 9.0 GBs is adequate.

Comments? Suggestions? Where could the signup sheet be? None to worry if this is not so good of an idea. My feeling will not be hurt.


Good grief. I just previewed this and cannot fix the form. Sorry.

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 Re: Intreview with Lenard Ravenhill (vidio) transcription

Please do go ahead with this project, its a wonderful idea, you do not need permission, please let me know when it is completed and I will get it up on SI.

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 Re: Ravenhill video transcript

Maybe this is a nice idea for another time. If interested reply directly to JoanM. so this new student of the web doesn't have to keep remembering how to get to this thread. I will be doing my own notes of interest (references, etc.)and could share that later. :-)

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