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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Types of movies?

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 Types of movies?

What type of movies do everyone watch? All Christian or some PG movies as well?

 2008/4/28 14:47

 Re: Types of movies?

Depends on the movie. The Patriot is rated R because it is a movie about the American Revolution and has some violent scenes in it... yet, no vulgar language or sex in it. It's a great movie.

The Waterhorse... another great movie with no cussing or sex, but a few intense scenes.

Gods and Generals, and also Gettysburg... both pg for Civil War violence, but excellent movies for Christians.

See... I dont think you can just look at ratings and decide on just that. A lot of "G" movies have witchcraft and scorcery in them. Especially Disney movies.

Christians dont want to think, they want someone to do all their thinking for them. Thats why the church is apostate. Along with this, Christians want someone to tell them what they can watch or listen too... when scripture already tells us! Study your Bible, seek the Holy Spirit, and He will show you what is good, and convict you of what is bad for you spiritually.

Just looking at ratings, to me, is ignorant. One of the greatest Christian movies to come out was called Facing The Giants... and I know Christians who wouldnt see it because it was rated "PG". Well, it was rated "PG" for football violence... yet these same Christians have come to football games I've coached. Does that make any sense?? Duh...

So, thats my 2 cents worth.

In the long run, we'd all be ok if didnt watch ANY movies... Christian or otherwise.


 2008/4/28 15:13


Thanks. I appreciate it!

 2008/4/28 15:15

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