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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Landmark Education...?

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Joined: 2007/2/28
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 Landmark Education...?

Does anybody know ANYTHING about this company?
My cousin just informed me she is a part of it and I want to know what she's getting herself into. My cousin was encouraging me to participate in one of their seminars, where they interview me to help take better control of my life. My cousin says she feels empowered after applying the new knowledge she learned in her life. Any info about this co. would be appreciated


 2008/4/27 18:53Profile

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 Re: Landmark Education...?

I googled "Landmark Education" and find it indeed has its critics. Here is one link and from there you can go other links:

Personally, when I find that a company threatens litigation when anyone says anything negative about them, I will run in the opposite direction. I would not waste my time with them at all.

where they interview me to help take better control of my life.

This alone is a huge red flag. I suggest you listen to it. And I suspect you already are aware of it?


Sandra Miller

 2008/4/27 19:37Profile

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Omaha, NE

 Re: Landmark Education...?

Sounds something like Scientology to me. If it
is not faith-based and cross-centered; I would
avoid it!

Martin G. Smith

 2008/4/27 19:40Profile

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