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 source of Benny Hinn's power?

In 1990 Ben Hinn apologised for teaching the blaspheme popular with televangelists teach. that is, that Jesus died a sinner on the cross and had to be saved in hell. To say Jesus a sinner means he would not have clean blood. If it was not spotless it couldn't save us. well he apologised. Then I began to realise that at that same time people ere falling under the power by lay on hands. even healings. I beleive in healing and God's power but also that it can be duplicated by demons. Anti-christ will do tremendous powers in the end-time that will deceive others to think he is the Messiah. by the way Ben Hinn says he is God. remember there is also the spirit of antichrist working now. 1 Jn.2:18 it makes it hard on us who truly have the Holy Spirit.we are seperated from the false prophets yet they say we are false also. The devil is working overtime to discredit the truth he will even use some of the ones who get off into error to help keep people from Jesus. you can't blaspheme Jesus and use powers they would not be of God.


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 Re: source of Benny Hinn's power?

benny hinn says many crazy things like God is actually a 9 part being Jesus is 3parts,God is 3 parts,and the Holy Spirit is 3 parts, which benny hinn says makes God 9 parts total.Paul Crouch even had problems accepting this lie.Kenneth Copeland has said that Jesus never said He was God in the bible,and kenneth copeland also has said Jesus' Blood did not atone. The main thing the devil wants to always discredit is, Who God Is,and the Atonement. there is a book written by, judith matta ,called ,"the born again jesus of the word faith teaching ". and the web site , is great on exsposing heresy and false teachers that are so rampant in todays time.

Clint Demoret

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Benny Hinn doesnt have any power.


 2008/5/5 7:54

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Agreed, Krispy.

Lahry Sibley

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