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I would like to contact to you about your information about deckard. My family has been destroyed by this man and I need people who actually know him to help with a court case to save my infant daughter from his poison. I need first hand info. Anyone else who has information about this group feel free to contact me. Thanks and God bless.

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I just viewed a few of Dekards videos. To my surprise, he apparently had nothing worthwhile or useful to say.

But I did find this to be most informative:

Deckards' Fees:

Partaker: $30 per month. You get his magazine.

Partaker Plus: $50 per month, you also get his monthly video.

Silver Partaker: $ 100 per month, which will also allow one admission to attend two of Dekards Prophecy events.

Gold Partaker: $ 500 per month, which adds on to the above all Dekard's new product releases - (whatever they may be).

Platinum Partaker: $ 1000 per month Membership in the prophecy circle events.

My memory is hazy on this. So I ask my fellow Christians here on Sermonindex: Are these fees by Deckard similar to the fees charged by Paul, John, Peter, Mark, Matthew, Luke, Jude, and Jesus too, to hear them speak, or receive their letters, or to be in their inner circle?

What? They did not charge at all!!!

IMO, Deckard is a self seeking fraudalent con artist who mercilessly tramples on unwary, unwise, gullible - Christians.

Arthur Biele

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Unfortunately, there will always be accomplices to evil in the world; those eager to rape and plunder the inner man for profit.
Yet, it must be said that that Jesus not only loved us enough to die for us ... He also loves us enough to lead us to the truth. We do not follow after a God who abandons His people to the devices of the enemy. On the contrary, we are instructed to become equipped to properly discern good and evil.

If we insist on this singular confession, "God is ONLY and completely good!", we will avoid being captivated by the large majority of gospel fraudsters and false teachers. Any thought which fails to conform to the fundamental confession that God is ONLY good is not true and life suffocating.

Unfortunately too, there are some of our brothers and sisters who possess a weak disposition within their human spirit because of earlier spiritual injuries. These are needing to be built up and strengthened so that they are able to better withstand the lying words of men.

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ravenmolehil wrote:

" "there are many prophets annointed by adobe rather than God"

I'm pretty good with photoshop too; send me a pic & within 5 mins. Presto instant 'glory cloud'... :-P "

You're comment is excellently informative on the subject, ravenmolehill.

I have a cloud over my head, sadly, its' kinda a whiter shade of pale.

Blayne, I appreciate and concur with your post directly above.

Arthur Biele

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 Re: specific info

look at these link. Argue that your daughter faces immeninent danger of being kidnapped and taken to a cult/island. My family also has been destroyed. I have a 2yo. I have blocked her passport. good luck. keep us posted. you have alot of prayers out here.

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I agree with Paul West and pretty much everyone who answered this post; i think it is unanimous who this guy really is.

Anyway, have you not ever noticed how none of the true prophets of God never have to go around CALLING THEMSELVES PROPHETS? Elijah never did. John the Baptist never did. Samuel never did. Elisha, Jeremiah, etc. They didn't toot their own horns and they didn't NEED to. They were known far and wide, nonetheless.

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 Re: Prophet Tom Deckard

nobody can really understand until they have been there.. i have gone to a number of meetings over the past 4 years because my husband has been deeply involved, however, i refused to be involved. it was a very painful 4 years. my children are still deeply involved. fortunately, after four years, my husband stepped out from under that bizzare cult. the main reason…. he had to chose between “the cult” and his wife that he was unequally yoked to. i am so thankful that God grew me during this time, gave me strength and answered my prayers.

i had to leave my church at the time because i had no support, but thankfully i found an incredible “salvation by Christ” believing church, with great leadership, who held us up in prayer before our incredible God.

here are the plain facts:
*FACT! mr. deckard is a false prophet.
*FACT! his “ministry” is a very dangerous cult.
*FACT! women and children are “lesser” persons and must be in total submission to the men.
*FACT! mr. deckard claims to have taken a vow of poverty, however, he and his wife drive cadillac escalades.
*FACT! mr. deckard does not pay taxes and encourages others to not pay their taxes either.
*FACT! mr. deckard claims to have been raised in an orthodox jewish home, however, his family is not jewish at all.
*FACT! mr. deckard claims to know hebrew, then he claims he doesn’t know hebrew… i don’t think mr. deckard even knows what he knows…
*FACT! mr. deckard claims to have 33+ years in the prophetic ministry, but that isn’t possible… in 2000, his churches were disbanned following his confession of having mulitiple affairs and being decietful and lying to these congregations. it is only 2012.
*FACT! his followers are not allowed to listen to other speakers, read other materials, or talk to one another in between sessions regarding the messages… this is to avoid the risk of someone questioning what he has “taught” them.
*FACT! mr deckard didn’t employ a body gaurd to protect himself, but to protect others from himself!
*FACT! if you are under his leadership you are not allowed to check on him on the internet, so those who do are looking for something better.

there is so much information at this website, .
- and as far as the $5,000.00 for your piece of the island… this just screams jim jones/waco, tx/CULT. i used to joke around and say, “whatever you do, DON’T drink the koolaid”, now i am so saddened that it is truly more of a possibility all the time…
- as far as the woman who died at his quarterly meetings in january… only a few individuals even knew what happened. ask anyone who was there, even today, they are not aware of the tragedy that happened in their own camp that weekend! their fearless leader did NOT offer up an explanation or express condolences to the family that was there and had left. he did not request of his followers to follow up and encourage the family who had just lost their loved one the very first night of the three day meetings.

THANK YOU, for getting some truth about this evil man who calls himself a major prophet of (god) and passes his uncontrolled anger and tension off as honoring to a Holy God.


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