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Joined: 2008/4/11
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Miami, FL

 In need of some opinions

Hey there everyone! im a new time poster but i have been using the site for a while now.

But to the subject at hand;

I am currently the Young adults leader for a fairly new church and well the group is great, over the last few months it has grown and you can see it giving fruits but i have come to an unfortunate situation.

i have known my pastor for about 5 years now. I have come a long way with the Lord and well i have a calling to be a pastor from him and im currently waiting to start a Biblical institution up-state in 3 months, in the mean while i took up the church young adults 18-25 group and im currently working with 2 others with in the group in order to leave them as leaders.

i had gone out of state for a year abut a year and a couple of months ago but i moved back and this is when i started helping the church with conviction and command of the Lord but the Lord told me before i started helping out about a year ago that my pastor would "need help" thats it. I took this message as go help them with the young adults group and anything that may be needed of me and so i did.

When i got back to my church after being gone a year out of state the first thing i sat down and told my pastor was that i wanted him to mentor me...the months passed he never said a word or even invited me over to study the Bible or anything for that matter... so i asked again and well was met with a "yeah sure, no problem" again the months passed by and nothing. I was finally was given the young adults group which i have had for about 4-5 months now but still no mentoring from my pastor... or even concern about it.

We are currently in a schools auditorium temporarily while we find a temple or some land so things are bit tight (no services during the week only Sunday, cell groups, intercessors) and well this is when the troubles started to rise... first we moved from the old temple in which we had freedom to do whatever we pleased (6am prayer meetings, weekday services, night prayer meetings, Sunday morning & night services etc.) we had about 8-9 different types of prayer meetings over all and off course the church was on fire and then the day came when we moved out due to the fact that my pastor was serving under a Baptist church organization and decided to leave due to being pressured on toning down his preaching, and less expression of the spirit during services etc. unfortunately some Baptist orgz are very old fashioned but well we moved to the auditorium.

Most of our old church goers followed and stuck with us but problems started to arise, the pastors attitude changed (still didn’t say a thing about mentoring) the new church "Elders" never presented themselves to the congregation and yet they make decisions for the church...we the cell group leaders know all the “elders” because they were old members that have been around since the beginning but they were given authority without the congregation being asked so i guess it was based on the pastors decisions but well people started having problems with the way the leadership of the church was heading and some of our influential cell group and intercession leaders left because the pastor would not give them the time of day (i personally know all of them and can testify that they are fellow servants that work for Christ) but i started to i guess "investigate" what was going on and well i was met with resistance from the pastor, i found out who all the elders where and they were fellow brothers and sisters in Christ but they aren’t exactly what you would call "elders" i know some of them personally and i know that they have much to mature in the spirit but i left that aside and went straight to the pastor i also visited the members that had left and they all told me the same thing "the pastor isn’t who we thought he was and the elders aren’t disserving of the title" and well here i am in the middle of both sides but as these last 2 months have gone by i have had some confrontations with the pastor over the current leadership and the fact that we only have 2 prayer meetings out of the 8-9 we had before so i suggested a Thursday night prayer service (which the school allowed) but he refused because "we couldn’t set up the audio" and therefore no music… like if people couldn’t sing out of a hymn book or even set up just one big speaker which is more then enough for like 20 people or so that go to th prayer meetings (100 people congregation only) and well he also said "it was a work day" etc etc etc just one excuse after the other... he no longer is as friendly and attentive as he used to be, I had to wait 3 weeks to speak to him because he kept canceling and when we spoke on Sundays or during the week I felt like he was a avoiding conversations with me which he had never done before... mind you we have a 100 person congregation and he was never to busy before and even less now but i finally spoke to him and all i got was the fact that he just looked down when i spoke to him about my mentoring which has yet to be done (been a year) the fact that the congregation doesn’t know the elders...the fact that the spirit of the church has changed and some of the other leaders agree with me but again I was met with resistance and a bit of a mask on his part… i am very unhappy at the services he forgets to announce the young adults group after myself and the other leader remind him every week, he only preaches for about 10-15 mins sometimes due to time and it has been almost a year since we have been moving around but no news or even show of interest to the congregation that they are fiercely looking for a new temple... I just don’t know anymore I feel like he is slacking bad as a pastor and to add to my dilemma there has been a lot of gossip and slander going around now and well I found out something very personal that had been told to the pastor in private which only my mother and myself knew and was confessed to the pastor but yet it is going around the church meaning that if my mother or myself haven’t commented it only the pastor could have... so that doesn’t happen unless the pastor opened his mouth on the subject :(. Over all i feel very disappointed but then again so does Christ Jesus feel disappointed with the church of today :( and well brothers and sisters I am left with a really long letter asking for help on whether I should leave the church which at this point I haven’t done so due to my kids (the young adults group) whom I love and really don’t want to see them disappointed but I have come to realize that the pastor is going down the wrong path and is unwilling to listen to advise given by the ex leaders, some fellow church brothers, some of the current leaders and myself.

Any help and prayers would be appreciated and I have also had this in much prayer and fasting over the months and all I keep getting is the feeling of "leave" more and more every Sunday... thanks for any advise much love and blessings in Christ!


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Cache Valley, Utah

 Re: In need of some opinions

Alf, it looks like a wonderful opportunity for growth. I would ask you to consider one question: What would "grace" teach you to do?

In Christ

Alan Taylor

 2008/4/11 15:56Profile


If you're looking for opinions... brother, you came to the right place!


 2008/4/11 15:59


If you're looking for opinions... brother, you came to the right place

oohhhhhhhhh yeah! :-P

 2008/4/11 16:33

Joined: 2006/2/7
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 Re: In need of some opinions

Hey Alf.
I had a similiar experience you are having. And I won't go into details nor suggest that the way the Lord worked in my life will be the same as He does in yours. But, it seems above all, you want to obey the Lord and follow His will. That is exactly where you ought to stay. Lord, let me not move from this place except by your will; or Lord, let me go from this place by your command. this I feel is the right prayer.

Don't get in a hurry. The Word tells us to Wait on the Lord, yes wait on the Lord. They that wait on the Lord will renew their strength...

In my experience the Lord had already directed us to another place, so we had a place to work/serve after we left.

Also, we left the other with much peace in our hearts and no bitterness. We sent a letter to each of the leaders and the Sr. pastor explaining the situation. Yes, we had been hurt, but through the Love and Grace of the Lord we left with much peace in our hearts. We are still greeted when we go visit. Pursue peace with all men.

I had desperately wanted discipleship from the pastor of the old church, but he was unwilling. So, the Lord brought me to another place where I found a godly man willing. Maybe this pastor of yours is unwilling because it is the Lord closing that route for you. He has someone in your path that will certainly take much joy to disciple you.

Lastly, don't resist the times of pressure and struggle. Rather walk with Jesus in them. those very precious times of wrestling/pressure grow us a keep our focus on the Lord. These times are for His blessed purpose. Art Katz says something along these lines. I can't remember the exact quote but along the lines of these times of squeezing we have the most expansion.

Be blessed in this time, my brother, and welcome the trials as well as the blessing.


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Omaha, NE

 Re: In need of some opinions

Alf, Stephen was willing to help and serve where
he was needed until the Lord called him to preach
under the anointing to the"elders" if you will.
Be patient, be encouraged; God will do the

Martin G. Smith

 2008/4/11 17:38Profile

Joined: 2008/4/11
Posts: 82
Miami, FL


hmm... at the end of the day i do have to wait for the Lord to remove me and when the Lord speaks we all know he is speaking to us so thus far i have yet to recieve a message so patience it is. ill keep praying for his guidence and his grace. Thanks for all the help brothers/sisters Much love and blessings in Christ to all please keep me in your prayers and ill do likewise (post anything you may need ill pray for it). God bless !


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