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Discussion Forum : General Topics : A CRY FOR PEACE AND UNITY IS A CRY FOR WAR!

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Within all true Christians, the Holy Spirit dwells. In His dwelling places, the people of God there is much, much, diversity. Like the stars, without number, so are we, in the sense that He calls each star by it name. They are each unique, and each have an unique name. We too, are each unique, as are the angels;yet different to the angels, we are called into oneness, rooted in holiness. It is really quite amazing to consider this, and add in our terrible ongoing issue with sin in us, and the need to be delivered from the plague of self, a being of death within us. This old nature of the devil within is called the "flesh", by old bible translators.

I do not like this translation, as so many Christians equate flesh, and our BODIES. No, the "flesh" is our inherit Satanic selves, passed down from Man One,; ADAM. The body is also infected with this transfer, therefore we must die; we are ill, etc., but the core of this nature has infected our spirit; REBELLION. "Rebellion is bound in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction shall drive it out."

The great Aiden W. Tozer cried, to an assembly of prominent preachers,"You are the flesh. You are the flesh!", to get this point across. So, there exists a war for unity. To be unified with God individually, we must submit to this correction, or disciplne, in a very personal way, with God, as Christ in us is always striving to slay, to kill this nature of evil in us. Jesus taught that this was our cross, that to gain Him, we must die daily. Pick up your cross[ death ], and follow Him.

It is absolutely imperative that we fully submit to this death within, initiated by God Himself, or we will never know Him .

"If you endure chastening, God deals with you as sons;.....But if you are without chastening, you are illegitimate, not sons.".Hebrews 12 vs, 8.

This conflict occurs similarly in the corporate level, the BIG CHURCH, worldwide;

Revelation, chapters 2 and 3. All relating to how CHURCHES did or did not receive correction and discipline.
] as ,likewise. I would like to point out, there exists a much more widespread war, for unity in the larger expression of God, THE UNITY, or the entire Church holy as one, as God is Holy, and totally One in Love as the Godhead.

Now, that is a mouthful, really far beyond my comprehension. This truth is at the foundation of Heaven, all creation of all beings, and the order of the Universe itself, and it involves you and me, right down to our daily blessings and disappointments, our high praises, and our disagreements.

Let us not forget, that this Unity in Christ is probably the Devil's primary target and focus on his war against the OFFSPRING of God. It's dispersal and disbanding is paramount in his attacks, for he knows that upon fulfillment of this great commission of Oneness, his defeat is imminent and shortly to arrive, so he wars. There will be No end to this war, as long as there is a Christian on the Earth in Love with God, and obedient to the Cross and the Word. It will never end, until, Jesus of Nazareth collapses time, and is revealed as Yahweh Himself, destroying all who opposed his Rule on the Earth.

Satan himself will be tied up for a while, and then and only then, will peace come, and Full Unity; But;; there will be a Pure and spotless Bride. This is the church that has learned how to love, despite the inner and outer conflicts, because this one will love Jesus wholly, and fear Him enough to keep his commandments.

The problem with many theologians and Bible Scholars, as is evident here with a few at S.I., is they possess a Gospel that fundamentally exists in their minds, and their theology is thought based, rather than love based. They have been taught to think, but haven't learned to Love. I'm new here, but am very grateful to feed and be fed here, the dialogue is always stimulating.

"But whatever He hears He will speak'.John 16vs. 13..The personality of God the Spirit.

If we consider the ministry of Jesus, I ask, when was He not in conflict, confrontation, and war? Certainly more often than not. He was born with posses wanting to murder Him, and died with a posse murdering Him, and most of the in-between.

True ministry will always bring conflict, both inwardly, and without,, always. Paul said, "Death works in me, but life in you"

"There is NO ministry that defies this holy principle"...Bob Mumford.

Bob Mumford preached that 35 years ago, and in my life it stills rings true. I don't like it, because I want to live. I want my soul life, and Heaven too. but there it is . Conflict.

I must add here, that Paul the Apostle, in my opinion the greatest child of God ever to walk on this Earth, was a master of theology, as was Appolos, and many others. Let us not throw out the baby with the bath. Remember the Bereans!

Yet Paul penned Cor: 13, the greatest treatise on Love ever created.

Conflict will always be with truth, hand in hand. To some, death unto death, to some, life unto life. I would prefer the life unto life conflicts, if I had my "druthers", but, that isn't the way the universe is ran for now. There will always be true seekers that desire truth and understanding [ With all your getting, get understanding!"]

Consider a big Italian family. with 8 kids, coming together for dinner at Mom and Dad's. Of course they love each other, but will there be conflict, heated discussion, and disagreements..of course. ..But when they turn into hateful divisions, that could bring lasting hurts, Dad steps in. He won't have it, and peace gets a rule.

Conflict has a polarizing affect, that I've witnessed here, in my short time at this forum. I have seen sisters and brothers rise up to error, with wonderful faith, in their unique personalities and maturity, to divide, in love, every time. I have also seen maturity exhibited to true seekers, and to those who are opposed to the gospel.

Jesus said, "THINK NOT THAT I CAME TO BRING PEACE, NO!, I CAME TO BRING DIVISION!"..People do not usually consider the Gospel in this light. Division, GOOD?

I am grateful for freedom to dialogue here, and to listen to others, and be encouraged. I am equally encouraged when
I see and hear my family stand up in the war, against the enemy, and drive him out by the rod of truth. This is division that bolsters the truth, and the Spirit of truth in true believers.

Remember the commands to Timothy and Titus. Much of the Apostles commands to these upcoming leaders, was to confront the lie. and often the liar.

Also remember, that we overcome by the WORD of OUR testimony. It is a wonderful thing to know that down there, there really is, and was, overcoming faith, only realizing it in conflict, when it erupted out of us.

Unity will grow naturally as fruit is grown as we ABIDE in Christ. and if we have learned anything at all about unity, we have learned that it CANNOT be legislated, only grown into maturity.

There will be wheat, but their will also be those irritating imitations, the Tares too. I am very confident that they will be plucked out as God's people cling to the TRUTH, in love for others also.

Real Peace, brothertom.

 2008/4/10 12:09


Good word brothertom. Jesus certainly was not without conflict as he came to seek and to save that which is lost. Paul certainly wasn't without conflict as he performed his missionary journeys. I'm sure Paul would have like for the moderator to have locked the thread when Demetrius attempted to start the riot on him in Ephesus when he was preaching a gospel that was adverse to their economy, they thought. And Paul said under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, "imitate me". Many thought this wasn't love and unity. Paul was only trying to expose a lie and give truth that would affect their earthly economy as well as the eternal one. If that ain't love, I don't know what is.

 2008/4/10 13:59

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