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 Greetings From Maine

I'm expressing my heartfelt appreciation for the Holy Ghost arranging and setting up this site. I fought against getting another computer after almost 6 years without one as I had only known them for abusive purposes that 15 years of backsliddeness will attest to.

Oh how wonderful to be a prodigal and have the Saviour come and retrieve this sinner.

Brothers and sisters, it is very dry in this part of the country but we know what happens when fire hits an area of drought.

I am so blessed reading your sermons, forums, testimonies, etc. and feast here faithfully on meat. May the Mighty God protect this site. I am so saddened by the condition of the "church" today. I spent almost two years in seclusion of prayer and the Word before I set foot in an established church because a minister had caused me to stray in the first place.

I couldn't understand what had happened to the Lord's people in all that time. You see, I KNEW that I was backslidden but many go to church each Sunday not knowing their true condition and that they are on the brink of shipwreck.

I have been so grateful to the Lord leading myself and my little family to the remnant in the wilderness both hear and in the rural area that we live in.

His people are pretty much hidden as The prophets were in Elijah's day. There are those that have not bowed their knees to Baal and I pray that many will be turned back to the truth.

I pray with ALL my heart that God will reap a great harvest of those that have not yet known Jesus and real repentent salvation and that the backsliders in heart will come back to God.

Thankyou all for your diligence in this work which I am reaping the benefits of. May he richly reward you for your sacrifices and obedience.

I rejoice in having found a remnant here of those who want all of Jesus and nothing less.

In His Most Holy Name, Kathleen Panno


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 Re: Greetings From Maine

Great to have you registered on the website. May the Lord bless you and enourage you as you seek more of Him. If you haven't yet do listen to these life-changing messages:

[b]Reality in the Christian Life by Zac Poonen[/b]

[b]Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead[/b]

[b]An Interview with Leonard Ravenhill (video) by Leonard Ravenhill[/b]

[b]Judgment Seat of Christ by Leonard Ravenhill[/b]

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 Re: Greetings From Maine

Welcome Kathleen 8-)

 2008/4/9 20:57

 Re: Greetings From Maine

A very warm welcome to you, sister Kathleen!


KathleenP wrote:
I rejoice in having found a remnant here of those who want all of Jesus and nothing less.

Thank you for your testimony and sharing all that you did in your post. Praise God for His faithful leading in your life! He is faithful!

I loved your last statement and pray that the Lord makes it more and more true in all of our lives.

May the Lord bless you!


 2008/4/14 17:34

Joined: 2008/4/3
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I sincerely do thank you for your response to my post. It is certainly a spiritually desolate area in New England but truly the Lord Jesus uses it to force us to cleave to Him.

One of the greatest things I thank Him for is that it is not a profitable area for false preachers to come between the lack of "big" money and the vast spiritual oppression which overshadows the area because of years of witchcraft.

In the name of the Lord we are believing not only for a true revival but the actual last day outpouring which was spoken of by the profit Joel.

I was actually blessed by reading your profile the first day I visited this site. I look forward to us all seeing the fruits of our labors.

May you be much blessed and of course strengthened daily as He prepares us for the difficult times ahead.

In Christ Jesus' Name, Kathleen

P.S. My oldest son graces this site under the title Openhisword. We patiently await the arrival of his brother into the fold. Amen


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